Totally new to the site, convinced ive suffered for years and fed up with it now want to thrive instead of get by


i am totally new here know only minimal about thyroid and i am looking for some advice on thyriod and CFS/ autoimune disease..... i recently asked for my bloods to be checked but i don't know what was checked and what the results were........ i was told it was normal, but read a little about how there range of normal can only be said to be normal if t3/t4 is checked ( no idea what that even is or if i was checked) what should i have checked and should i get to get a copy of the results i wanted my hormones checked but they said its not necessary at this stage :/ although i haven't really spoken to the doc at length about everything i experience as i don't want stuff in my records making me look like i am really ill for any medical for next potential job change etc as i do my best to soldier on, i also wouldn't be keen to take any medication im an all natural person and am a bit of a vitamins junkie only take non synthetic vitamins but wondering what ones are important ones fot those with thyroid issues.......

my symptoms are constant fatigue, trouble sleeping constantly, switching off is difficult as is staying asleep, easily distracted trouble focusing on tasks i am now very over weight and my hair is so very very very thin and fine and im hugely self conscious of it, loosing weight is really difficult for me and i lack energy, i get a lot of joint pain particularly my hips, neck and lower back had this for years. just has a scan of my hip and they've said there is nothing wrong there. My memory pretty bad i need to leave thing out and write things down as if not i totally forget. just recently flooded my neighbour as i forgot id put my kitchen tap on i also have huge stresses ongoing due to family which also contributes.

So any info, advice and help be very welcome especially re what to do/say to gp what to get in any tests and what are important foods/ vitamins to be taking.

Many Thanks for reading

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I also over heat very very very easily and im sure the test said something was borderline/ within a range that not a concern cant even remember what this was as i was told this info via the phone

One possible cause (to rule in/out) for feeling hot, includes a usually unidentified, ongoing immune response. Hope that helps.

Sid A.

One piece of KNOWN biochemistry to consider for such symptoms ( - hardly recognised in the UK) is introduced in this article:

Hope that's helpful to rule in (or out) one possible cause of your issues.

Sid A.

Welcome to the forum, Mother-Claire.

TSH, FT4, FT3, thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies are the preferred thyroid tests, and ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate the recommended vitamin and mineral tests. It is unlikely FT3 will be tested on NHS unless your TSH is suppressed <0.03 and thyroglobulin antibodies are not usually tested in primary care. If you want those tested you will probably need to order private blood tests. Blue Horizon Thyroid Profile 10 or 11 will cover most of the tests and City Assays the vitamin D.

You may also find this link of interest: - which is a summary of some of the known opinion based on established biochemistry ( - but seems unrecognised in the UK and many other places).

Best wishes,

Sid A.

Hi, could you ask the doctor for a print out of your results and then post them here in a new post. You will get good advice and probably advised again to get the tests done that Clutter has told you about. You cannot be refused your results WITH reference ranges and if you get bloods done again get them done as early as possible and fast before it. Hope that helps.

Jo xx

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