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Recommendation needed

Hi fellow hypothyroid sufferers! Finally my GP has recommended a visit to an endocrinologist. But I have a choice of four hospitals Northampton General; Horton General in Banbury; hospital of St Cross in Rugby or CoventryUniversity Hospital. This is a critical choice for me as I am so desperate to find a good local endo nearby. My last experience in Surrey was less than helpful although that was 4 years ao and I was only just diagnosed and knew nothing of the terribe journey upon which I was to embark. Now 6 stone heavier, incapable of walking more than 200 yards, constant pain in all muscles (with the occasional bout of what feels liked twisted muscles with cramp if I dare to stretch), desperate tiredness all the time, falling hair, lack of sllep - approx 4 hours a night if i am lucky and awful skin to name just a few of the additional complaints which accompany this insidious disease I am close to suicidal! I am sick of being told that all my results are normal! Additional drugs now being taken apart from 75mcg of levo are; folic acid; vitamin D; and now tablets for my high blood pressure (I wonder why??) along with existing ranitidine at night and omeprazole during the day for chronic reflux which caused me to have a burnt larynx three years ago and consequent loss of voice for 14 weeks! And all of that with the dreaded self medicating menopausal medication for embarrassing hot flushes so I now rattle! Please help me find a good and sympathetic endo at one of these hospitals who can try and help me get my life back. My poor husband / maid /cook / housekeeper will be so grateful too. He has his own health issues and I feel so guilty that I can't even stand long enough to cook a meal anymore. Any experiences will be so gratefully received. Good luck everyone. God bless

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If someone knows of Endos in these areas please private message.

If you email she has a list of sympathetic NHS Endos, one of whom may be near you.

I don't know your background but I should imagine your GP has most probably been keeping your TSH within the 'normal' range which would mean you have been undertreated rather than a TSH of 1 or below, which most of us need.


Thanks Shaws I have contacted Louise for a list. My GP has tried but she just doesn't know enough as I guess is the problem with most GPs

Thanks for taking the time to respond jan


Hi I would never again go by my GP`s recommendation, Now for any consultant ,I do my own research.

Good luck.



Hi Warren,

If you reply to a particular comment, you have to press the blue Reply to this otherwise the person isn't emailed and is unaware you may have asked another question.


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