Anyone crave chocolate?

I've been on Carbimazole since i discovered I had Graves in November, I take 40mcg daily, then I started taking 50 mcg levo at end of February, then upped that by another 25 mcg at end of April. I now have this constant craving to eat chocolate. Anyone else feel like this? Anyone got any ideas how to stop The cravings? Could it be something missing from my diet - vitamins that is - not chocolate? Or am I just being a greedy guts?

Liz x

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  • It could well be that dark chocolate does have some benefits

  • A major one being that good dark chocolate tastes wonderful.


  • Maybe it is the vitamins and minerals mentioned in point 6. It's just weird to be so desperate for chocolate all of a sudden.

  • Chocolate is high in magnesium - it could be your body crying out for some. Many people are deficient in magnesium. Or it could just be you're craving sugar for a pick me up.

  • don't question, just enjoy (in moderation)! lol

  • At risk of being different and seemingly unhelpful, sorry but I don't!

    I prefer salty stuff instead, marmite, bovril (OK folks will say adrenals) I wonder what they actually put in chocolate now? As Lilymay says I think magnesium, sugar and also iron may be factors - whereas I avoid sugary stuff, but have epsom salts in the bath (and occasional Mg spray to help my Vit D) and tend to eat stuff like cheese, pate, liver etc. & veg too! - I did notice a while back supermarkets put choc by the 'always' - what do they know we don't?? J :D

  • Hi it is quite common for hyper/Graves on carbimazole to be hungry and crave sugar and carbs. I certainly did and I do not know why. Maybe it is to make us feel full or maybe it is because of vitamins and minerals.

    However a little bit is fine but a lot will just cause your stressed over active metabolism to feel worse and may lead to diarrhea. Sugar is at best a stimulant as is caffeine and alcohol. I personally feel better if I avoid them as much as possible.

  • Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I did wonder about magnesium so I bought some Brazil nuts - I read somewhere that an ounce a day is enough to keep your magnesium topped up and I've seen magnesium flakes for putting in the bath so I might give them a try, I really want to get off sugar because like greenginger, I feel much better without it so until very recently I had pretty much cut sugar out of my diet along with caffeine.

    Anyway thanks all,

    Liz :-)

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