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Raised t3 loss of appetite?


Hi all, I was taking 62:5 mcg t3, stopped (long story, no lectures please, I've already heard them all)

Re started them again and always seen ravenous , always fancying food, bread chocolate all foods I've never eaten much of before, anyway last 2 days I've taken extra t3, up to 75 mcg,

Well I got up this morning, had a cup of coffee (which I never drink) and I've had no appetite at all, which has surprised me!

The thought of food is turning me!!

Do you think this is from the raising t3 dose? Or the coffee?

Any thoughts

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I found 25mcg T3 allowed me to easily fast for 12 ~ 16 hours overnight, whereas before I would graze most of the time I was awake.

I'm halfway through stopping taking T3 for a week, before a blood test, and my appetite is still under control, but yesterday I woke shivering with a temp of 35.4C (35.1C when first measured) and the day before I woke feeling prickly all over, but not hot.

I felt most unwel when I stopped them,

Also t3 makes me very very hungry normally so I'm finding this strange

Hope you feel better soon x


Years ago I noticed a speeding up in springtime, with reduced appetite, and over the past few years there's been quite a hypothyroid hit during the winter, though only measured this year and last.

I've been taking 150mcg T4 and 25mcg T3 and now hardly ever have a cup of tea or anything made with sugar. The T3 has been good at reducing oedema which I think is potentially lifesaving. Meanwhile I get prescribed other meds in a frankly idiotic way. It's a shame I don't feel I can discuss the T3 experience with my GP.

I hope -- if you like me are carrying some excess weight -- you've found the sweet spot for your dose.

I'm not actually I'm quite slim but never ate very much but put on a lot of belly fat!! Which I'm trying hard to lose! So I'm wondering if your into something there with the winter thing!! It's definitely the same here!! My gp doesn't know either, against the use of t3!!! X

SmallBlueThing, why do you stop T3 a week before you have testing done?

Because I'm chicken and my GP doesn't know about me self-medicating ;-)

Its more likely to be the coffee. It will wear off as you become a regular voffee drinker.

Funny thing I'm the same today and didn't have a coffee...

Before I was hypothyroid I hardly ate all day, just never felt like it, had my evening meal and some snacks then but never ate in day, and then I got diagnosed and by that time I was craving food badly from the minute I opened my eyes, I never ate bread, then I started eating loads of it fruit bread doorstop toast crusty rolls etc, do it wasn't my normal eating habit... But this last few days after raising my dose I'm not bothered about eating again, I'm wondering if I'm at my optimal dose and my appetite has gone back to pre diagnosis?

When my thyroid is low I always get sugar cravings. I guess it's the body's way of trying to get more energy?

Re weight my endo said that people with hypothyroidism don't conver carbohydrate foods well so he recommended a low carbohydrate diet. Have been doing this for three months -cut out all grains, added sugar & potato. Otherwise ate normally. Low and behold have lost 16lbs and 5 inches of waist. Very easy to do!!

Natj123 in reply to waveylines

See, before I had my diagnosis I hardly ate carbs, no bread pasta potatoes etc and never had a problem with my weight then all of a sudden I was craving the carbs badly and gained weight but I couldn't control it but a few days after upping my t3 dose now I'm back to how I was before hypothyroidism, not much of an appetite, I never ate in the day because I never felt like food then had an evrnong meal and snack in the night and that's how I've been for years until my thyroid problem

I'm hoping its because I'm st my optimal dose and my body is regulating to pre thyroid appetite ha x


I was on levo only for years, mostly unwell, got endo to add T3 felt the same and then took myself off all meds for my own reasons. Endo was not impressed and I suggested trying T3 only, which I have now been on since October 30mcg , with a dose increase in December 40mcg. Think I am still slightly under medicated,so have increased to 50mcg in the last couple of days and am trying new one dose in morning method, rather than split into three, as directed by endo.

My point is I have lost a stone in this time frame, now coming in under 8 stone, previously 9-10, I'm terrified of loosing more, my muscle is wasting, but I have no appetite at all and eating is a chore. Not sure when the appetite went. Can wake up hungry and manage half a bowl of GF cereal with coconut milk! Then I'm over it, I might feel hunger pangs, then just don't want anything. Just put enough in to get through the day.

Is it stress? Is it clocks changing, time of year! I really don't know. This year Life has been exhausting so far.

Found it difficult to time food with the split dose method and put myself under pressure to cut out foods we know can cause problems, have had to eat what I want I when I want to maintain weight right now,Am I anorexic too now. I supplement the essentials and have just got more pro biotic in as well to try.

My diet has never been that bad in the first place , have always had cravings sweet and savory at different times and just gone with it, a little of want you fancy seemed to work ok. now it's nothing.

Hoping the meds increase will improve appetite , help the tinitus i've newly developed since the new year, ease the shoulder joint pain and improve fatigue, although recently have also not been sleeping well too. Had noticed this month my periods was a week early heavy and painful. Is my brain fog that bad I forget to eat. I know sometimes I am too tired to cook/eat and prefer to sleep.

would seek medical advice but Dr is useless and endo doesn't seem to care, looking to change this last one.

thought I'd put that out there, thank you for starting the discussion most seem to struggle with weight.


Natj123 in reply to weg1

Sounds awful but I can relate tons lot of what you've said, yes I seem to have developed a good 'aversion' then

I ate salad pastrami and a 3 egg omelette lunch time to try and get some good food inside me but I felt really sick afterwards!! I hope you feel better soon x

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