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T4/T3, still not well yet!

I have been taking 20mcg T3 since the end of January alongside 75mcg of T4. I am still experiencing headaches, foggy head, cold hands, cold numb feeling in toes, earache, pain in glands in side of neck and burning tongue. My overall feeling of exhaustion seems better as able to exercise on good days but was wondering if I will ever feel normal again?

I know i shouldn't complain as many are alot worse than myself but well today I am so fed up with all of this.

It has only been three years since this all began for me but it feels like a lifetime already and so do not want to feel like this for rest of my life. Sorry for feeling sorry for myself :(

My latest results were TSH 0.11 T4 11.0pmol/l T3 4.1pmol/l I don't have the ranges

My cortisol levels were 173 rising to 585 after short synacthen test

Can anyone advise me on these levels?

Thanks to all on this site

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Nicola 101

I'm just printing off the ranges/levels from internet to take to my GP tomorrow!

I'm on 150mcg T4 and my TSH is 6.6 pmol/L (range 0.0 to 5.0 u), my T4 is 33.5 mu/L (range 9.0 to 28 u)- I have no idea why its gone up or why my T4 is not converting to T3?

I think maybe I need my cortisol levels checking.

The ranges provided on the internet seem to vary from those provided by the lab. so I don't want to give you the wrong info, but I go by thyroid org website.

Hope you get it sorted and don't feel sorry for feeling sorry!!


Hi Nicola 101

I'm no on the same dosage as you(endo just raised T4 from 50 to 75 and on 20mcg of T3) with, pretty much the same levels. Synacthen test was similar too. I have no idea what's going on and again like you I'm not as ill as I was or as bad as others but don't want to spend the rest of my life like this either, just getting through each day. I'm waiting on Lyme disease blood tests as well as some others and am booked in for an MRI Monday, in case there are pituitary issues. If not, I don't know what comes next, probably going to try self medicating with T3 only and adrenal extra?????

Hope you get some answers too X x


The more I dropped the T4 and increased till on T3 alone the better I became. Theoretically, once on optimum meds for you should feel so much better. These are two links for information but some of the links within may not work as the site is archived.




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