Forthcoming thyroid op

I have a date ! 24/6 to have my left thyroid gland removed. I had the right one off in 1982 ..rather anxious about the medication and what is it going to be like. At the moment I actually can't wait for the op because I have this constant strangly feeling which is affecting my sleep too ....Reading about this is scary though ..hgow to get the medications right etc. ..sounds truly horrendous.

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  • Not always horrendous. My Aunt had a thyroid partially removed over 50 years ago and is now a very active slim healthy nearly 80 year old, who goes on walking holidays. She has always been slim, active and healthy.

  • Hiya- I had a total thyroidectomy 9-10 weeks ago and I've been very lucky - I have a great gp who understands thyroid hormones and how people generally feel better with a low tsh and high t4 and t3.

    All I can advise is that you find out before your op what the follow up will be regarding medications and who will be "in charge" if you know what I mean. If you don't have faith in your gp, then get a referral now to an endo. My surgeon started me on my Levo dose and i then had 2 weekly blood tests and now monthly blood tests. It does take a while but as I said, I'm lucky in that I haven't gone majorly hyper or hypo.

    Also, if you feel well now ( apart from the strangly feeling) then get a full thyroid profile done so you know what your normal levels are and what to aim for afterwards- otherwise you won't know what your optimum levels are without a lot of trial and error. Obviously this won't work if you don't feel well now.

    Good luck and let me know if I can help more.

  • Thanks Issy and Mumtoboy

    I actually don't know what the T4 and T3 means as I have never been to any thyroid medications and haven't a clue what my levels are either. All I know they have always been right. My problem is that I have growths in them ( not sinister) When I had the 1st op years ago I was told I have enough thyroid gland on the left to produce thyroxin and never went on any medication, Now I ha ve the same problem on left and its gotta come out. I naturally have to go to medication now. All sorts are in my mind ..will I put on weight as I am slim 9 and half stone person etc. My GP is good and has been hopping mad with the hospital admissions because this has now taken 7 months from the initial consultation when agreed that the operation will go ahead. Thanks for relpies again .

  • Just one tip, make sure you always get a print-out of your blood test results. Keep your own records, and if in any doubt, post your results here - with ranges - so that somebody can advise you.

    Lots of luck with the op, Grey

  • Thanks , I will because I can see how important this is to peoples health and not understood by doctors so well and how it affect so many !

  • Make sure you ask for a full thyroid profile blood test before the operation. They should do it automatically but do make sure, because once its out, it's too late. Then hopefully you'll be matched up as near as possible to how you are now. That's certainly what my GP is trying to do for me. Take care x

  • You will be fine if you take magnesium. I had this op 7 years ago and really struggled but found a gp/holistic doc who was great and put me on magnesium and vit d . This itself gave stability to tsh t4 and t3 levels. I only take 75mg eltroxin . No weight gain

  • Ok , will put that down to my 'shopping list' too I need to be well prepared.

  • I had subtotal thyroidectomy 18 years ago had a redo on the right side on Tuesday can't believe I'm out of hospital already last time I was in 4 days not saying it doesn't hurt. Don't worry about the meds mine have been roughly the same for 18 years and I have no problems up to now even through my pregnancy they were only slightly increased. Sorry if this doesn't make sense the painkillers have kicked in. Good luck with the op

  • Thank you , I still remember what is involved but I got so well after the preassure left I can't wait this one to go. I have several nodules and the biggest one is over 2cm amongst smaller ones. This site is a godsend for information :o)

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