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colonoscopy for celiac next week, please tell me what I should know/watch out for?

On my request GP is doing a colonoscopy to eliminate Celiac and I have been eating gluten for a while.

What should I watch out for?

Should I tell the person taking biopsy that they should take more than one sample?

Is it painful?

Also, heard some say colonoscopies are dangerous as they can harm the intestine, how true is this?

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Hi Ocean

I had an endoscopy 2 weeks ago. You are asked if you want sedation or numbing spray, I opted for sedation. I was wheeled into the room totally concious got a wee jab in my arm for the sedation which took effect immediately. You put in a mouthguard to protect your teeth and the endoscope it passed down into your stomach/intestine. I believe they take several biopsys and it is over & done with in 5 minutes.

You are not knocked out but I don't really remember much about it. It was not pleasant and I gagged a fair bit but I only had a sore throat for the rest of the day, it's really nothing to worry about. The nurse who did it said if I'd had the numbing spray I would not have gagged so much but I think if I did it again I would take the sedation again.

I've yet to hear what my results are.

I have not heard any stories about harming the intestine, if this is true it must be very rare. Good luck I hope you get some answers from this test & please don't worry as its over & done with so quickly.

Lenny x


it is actually a colonoscopy not and endoscopy I am going for!''



oops sorry I can't read properly lol. I had a colonoscopy many years ago to check for chron's . The lady in the bed across from me was having that done last week I heard the nurse telling her it would take about 20 mins/half an hour. I'd much rather have that done any day you probably won't remember a thing. :-)


Oh, just phoned the hospital. I would need to see the doctor first before he agrees for a colonscopy. Really pissed off now as I've been eating gluten for a while and wants this done sooner rather than having to wait for another few months...


Nightmare........ my referral took 6 months it was awful I looked about 11 months pregnant by the time I was taken!


ooh noo! I have been eating gluten for few months and I am going for a detox programme soon I can't possible continue eating gluten.. not sure what to do.. I thought it was a colonoscopy appointment but aparently it's just to see the Dr first... :-(


Something isn't adding up. Have a look:




Thanks a lot for the link. I never knew that! I assumed it would be a colonoscopy but just checking my hospital letter and speaking to the hospital they said it is a Gastroenterology appointment to see the Dr first... and presumly if he believes I might have it than I would be put on the waiting list for the endoscopy/colonoscopy...

SO endoscopy is the one that can detect Celiac, right?? Should I push for a endoscopy when I see him next week?

thank you so much!

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oh by the way, I have had the coeliac blood screening results yesterday, and apparently mine was 0.51 and the Ref range less than 10... Does that mean anything??


Sorry Ocean, I don't know, hopefully someone else will be able to answer.


Mines was about 1 but as my sister has coeliac and all her tests came back negative as well the endo decided to go ahead with the biopsys, he took symptoms into consideration. Good luck x


Hi They take as many biopsies as thought necessary, Heavy sedation so unaware of it all. Used to have lots, cannot now. Wonderful diagnostic investigation. The main thing is the Preps, not nice, make sure you drink a lot, stock cubes etc when on the preps and fast.

It is really good to have it done, worth a little unpleasantness.

Best wishes,



I had a colonoscopy about 7 years ago. The night before you are given sachets of laxatives to drink in a litre of water. The day of the procedure You are given an enema to have a good clear out. You must have the sedation and tell the doctor if it isn't enough. Unfortunately the sedation did nothing for me so i found it painful. Air is introduced into your bowel the biopsies didn't seem to hurt. The one through your mouth yes you do gag, i wasn't offered any spray. Once the tube was down it was ok. Out of the two i'd rather have the top end one! I couldn't understand when the procedure was over why patients were sleeping off the sedation! I think the swine didn't give me anywhere near enough sedation. I just walked up to reception and said i'm going home!

The following day i had a massive bleed from my bowel and ended up as an emergency. Story of my life lol!

I didn't like this Gastro and he didn't like me because i challenged him, i often think he did it on purpose!!


oh how awful experience. so sorry to hear that.


Thanks Ocean. Good luck with yours. Hugs. XX


I put a gluten free comment elsewhere on the site but worth repeating. newer thinking recognises differing levels of gluten intolerance, you don't have to be full blown coeliac.

It is so worth testing yourself by cutting out wheat and gluten. You can buy cassava flour bread mixes, pizza bases mixes and doughball mixes through the internet also the flour used and recipes there. Non-dairy, sugar free and used for coeliac etc.

A number of friends and family have literally been transformed since stsrting this and/or the vitamin D3 or B12 thing. My daughter has just had a colonoscopy which went well.

Good luck with it all, it can be so frustrating you just have to keep pushing.


You should ask this question on the gluten free guerillas part of health unlocked as there is lots of good info on there


thanks a lot everyone... I am seeing a gastro and am not sure he/she will refer me for a biopsy and not sure if it is colonoscopy or endoscopy! from what Rod posted it seems like colonoscopy DOES NOT diagnose celiac only endoscopy so I will keep that in mind.



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