Itchy Ears

I must have the cleanest ears in the UK. I clean them thoroughly inside and out each day because for years I have been plagued by itchy ears.

Gone. Yes, really. I get the occasional irritation now but that's all.

This has to be due to the thyroxine/NT/NAX/vitamins I'm taking. It's too much of a coincidence for it not to be.

Has this happened to anyone else?


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  • yes, my ears getting very itchy when I am hypo

  • yep! (although of course we never put anything in our ears smaller than our elbows)

    what was the cure again? J x

  • I have a very large flannel

  • omg - I just read some of the threads in your link.

  • Yes count me in for itchy ears too. A hypo symptom.

    I remember the ENT consultant years ago said it was because I have excema, I don't! This is the same consultant who was talking to a plump female patient who was a teacher, she was having problems with her voice, and swallowing! If only I had the knowledge then to pass onto her. He said to this woman there was nothing wrong with her and her problem was "emotional"

  • Me too. For years I thought my itchy ears was due to my hair spray until I realised after a while that I had stopped using hair spray years ago ! LOL

  • Hi Sounds like Eczema, over cleaning would make it much worse, there is a cortisone cream I have on script, specifically for ears. But my ENT consultants always say to just use E45 on the very top of drum,pull lobe down ,apply with cotton bud, but do not poke down!


  • Hi definately sounds like eczema try using a drop of olive oil every day My ears are far less itchy since I have been doing that. Before I moved surgeries I was onthe same treatment as Jackie but it didnt really work

  • Yes Rosetrees, almost gone after a year on levothyroxine. The tinnitus noise went within weeks but came back with a 'crawling' sensation deep within the ear canal.

    Was given antibiotic ear drops and it went within couple of days.

    I still get very itchy all over when over tired and cant sleep. Believe that is common to everyone. Now I have an itchy upper lip at some time every day..what larks eh

    My mother who was hypothyroid most of adult life was forever relieving the itch in her ears with hairgrips!! (rounded end)her itching ears was put down to losing all of her body hair?


  • OMG! I can't believe this! I thought I was quirky as I can "feel" the thinnest coat of wax in my ears and it drives me nuts! Now I find others get it too.

    No wonder it's so hard to diagnose this disease - there are soooooo many random, unconnected symptoms but thankfully forums like this help us join the dots!

  • That;s exactly what I get. Cotton wool buds were (are) my friends. That and bouts of itching all over are things I've had since I was in my 20s.

  • I too hae itchy ears, mne started when my doc reduced my dose of thyroxine down to 100mcg. I developed a very itchy little finger lol, and very itchy sore ears! i went to a dermatoogist who said it was psoraisis. since my thyroxine was increased the itchy finger cleared up completely. My ears are massively better but still itchy now and again!

    Oh arent we lucky lol!

  • Hi there

    Fourteen years after an op on my thyroid I'm still not on any medication but I am getting my blood checked again. It was just after my op that I my ears began to get itchy and I developed tinnitus too. My ears sometimes keep me awake they are so bad. Almond or olive oil seems to work better than anything the doctor gives me.

    I've got an itchy upper lip which I keep scratching and itchy tips of fingers. My skin is normally slightly oily but I have also developed patches of eczema all over my body and I am so tired. The doctor says it is all down to my depression. I have suffered with depression for years but this is not depression I feel so physically unwell.

  • Depression is a common symptom of hypothyroidism. I was so depressed before Xmas that I was hysterical. Gone since I went on the meds.

  • The depression was there first but I was coping coping with it.

    I was put on Lithium some years ago and it was then I began to get all the thyroid problems but now I feel awful all the time. While I was Lithium I put on two stone in two months, I have lost half my hair, my nails are peeling and splitting, I have constant sore throats etc etc. There are some days when I can hardly walk. I hope that my blood tests show that there is something wrong with my thyroid.

  • I used to have itchy ears - a bit like eczema with skin sometimes peeling away (even though I've never had eczema) but just like rosetrees, after taking vits/nutri t/nutri adrenal for some time it disappeared.

    Definitely not a coincidence!

  • Hm, yes my ears do itch sometimes. However, my shins are far itchier. There are days when I could cheerfully take a cheese grater to them, they're so itchy.

    Is this another one of the myriad hypo symptoms too or am I just quirky? :-)

  • I've been plagued with itchy ears for about 20 years. Would cause regular ear infections, needing antibiotics and more lately totally blocked ears needing syringing several times a year due to all the scaly bits. Had repeat steroid creams from the doctor but always comes back. Been self-treating with thyroxin and the ears are much calmer. I'm a much happier bunny altogether as my chronic constipation, dizziness & blurry vision, dry eyes and numb hands/painful thumbs are improving by the day.

    Flo B

    PS I generally itchy all over, and also had dry patches on my arms and legs.

  • Yes I too have REALLY itchy ears that flake horribly too. I'm on Armour Thyroid now having finally found an endo in my area prepared to prescribe it after being on levo for over 7 yrs. I feel more "awake" but still have the dreadfully itchy dry ears. GP prescribed Locorten drops but they only alleviate it for a few days & have to be used with caution .

  • I am now CURED ! I had crazy itchy ears for 5+years ... get now cured by putting a leaves of a plant in my ear! long story... post are quite old here so tell me if anyone still need...

  • Yes! I'm interested to hear what you used francois3

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