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I've never seen an endocrinologist

I've been hypo since childhood but only diagnosed and treated (by Dr Skinner) in my 20s after the usual fobbing off by my old gp.

Anyway, I'm on levo now and to be honest, have been fairly ok over the years but I think I've been a little bit to accepting that certain things are just because of my thyroid so I have to get on with it.

I've just come out of hospital after having surgery for endometriosis (symptoms I just put down to part and parcel of thyroid problems) and this has finally got me thinking that I actually shouldn't just put up with things.

I'm fit and lead an active lifestyle but I've had different things related to autoimmune disease, such as having autoimmune gum disease leading to having to have a top denture before I'm 40, endometriosis, unable to fight off illnesses that are going round, carpal tunnel syndrome (manageable now). Also, my memory is rubbish. I keep forgetting my animals' names-amongst other things..!

So I was thinking whether a visit to an endocrinologist could help or is this it and I do really have to just accept it and put up with it? I'm thankful that I'm mobile and not suffering as much as other people but still, have I been too complacent?

Sorry for long message!

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I am going to have to ask if you have considered:

vitamin B12



vitamin D

All too often we seen one or more of these to be low and, upon being treated, significant improvement. I'd like to think your GP would test you but all too often we see they won't do all of them. If not, would you be in a position to get private tests done?



Thanks Rod. I forgot to add that I'm being treated for pernicious anaemia as well so am on iron tablets which, I have to say, have helped me a lot.

My new gp tested me for pretty much everything and though my iron levels were very low, she said it was within range. It was only because I was feeling ill and that I'd been treated before that she actually prescribed me the iron tablets.

I'm wondering whether things can get better or if this is the way it has to be:managing but having lots of different symptoms or syndromes (I can't remember the word I want to use)...


What are your thyroid gland blood test results as carpal tunnel is one of the symptoms of hypo and if you have others may need an increase in meds. Post them here with the ranges so that someone can comment.

I trust you are getting B12 injections from your GP for your pernicious anemia?


I'll have to get copies of my results and will post them. My CTS is ok but if I do any heavy carrying, certain movements, etc then I have to wear splints at night for a few days.

I did have b12 injections from a previous gp a few years ago but my present doctor doesn't seem very thyroid aware. That's why I wondered whether to ask to see an endo.

I've never been sent for a thyroid scan either.

It's having my recent op that has made me think that perhaps I should be less accepting that its all just another thyroid thing and be more demanding (but not in a bad way) when it comes to healthcare. After all, it's a lifelong illness.


People used to lose their teeth because of hypothyroidism!


lara, you aren't complacent but it appears your GPs are. Why not try for optimal ranges of your TSH, FT4 and FT3. This chart might help consider why:


Thanks Heloise - that chart's really helpful.


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