does anyone suffer with gall bladder pain ,if so could it be due to thyroid being hyper or hypo ,or both

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  • Gallbladder problems do seem to be common in thyroid patients, but I'm not aware of any medical proof that there's a direct connection. Maybe someone else will come along and point us at something useful on this. :)

  • thanks just looked on site very interesting as my gp told me that my gallbladder problems was nothing to do with being hypo ,but this site says different ,thanks

  • had gallblader pain myself for some time ago doctors put in down to ibs

  • i went on the site greygoose sugested called and it says that it can be caused by your being hypo ,as you get a build up of bile ,and that the whole digestive system is on a go slow.i think the gps must know this ,so why dont they just say its because you are hypo,but then they would have to sort out your dose of levo,

  • Actually, Lizzy, it's not certain that the gps do know. They aren't taught that sort of thing. They know nothing about symptoms, unfortunately. Or anything else to do with hypo, come to that! They just don't do it at med school.

  • well i think you are right with so many people ill with problems associated with thyroid diseases ,you would think they would of courses to re educate them on these issuses ,anyway thanks for your advice ,found it very helpful.

  • You're welcome.

  • Hi Gall bladder disease is one of the many autoimmune diseases. If your thyroid disease is auto immune, then you are very likely to gradually have others.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi,

    I was diagnosed with gallstones last year. My TSH was borderline, I ask dr if they were connected, he said no as my cholesterol was ok 4 something.

    I saw an Endo end of last year, she looked at same results and said my cholesterol was high at 7.1.

    So going on what Endo said yes they are connected. She started me on Levo and I've not had any gallstone episodes since. Could be just me avoiding processed meat etc but could be Levo helping.

    Re cholesterol dr looked at combined results, Endo looked at just the bad one. I presume she knew more than GP.

  • You only have to google gallbladder/stones and thyroid - to find many articles on the connection. It does not have to be hypo-related. Also need to determine type of gallbladder disease and type of stones...cholesterol/calcified. Estrogen-dominance can cause gb problems. Also seeing if it is in your genes or wrong diet, being overweight and high cholesterol.

    Anyone who says they know they have stones - should look at changing their diet and being monitored with scans....please! Stones grow!

    I have tried for one year to dissolve/cope with a large calcified gallstone....and the problem has only gotten worse.

    Gallbladder Attack is a very informative site.

    Dr Eric's site is also helpful. (He looks at both hyper and hypo problems.)

    Other sites are Sensible Health and Earth Clinic.

    I was not overweight, good cholesterol, diet and exercise. My granny had gallstones and I have a wonky thyroid!

    Doctors/gb specialist/endo - not one has confirmed that thyroid/gb problems are related. I am just unfortunate...

  • I had gallbladder problems 4 years ago and ended up having my gallbladder removed, followed swiftly by pancreatitis - terrifying and very painful. I had a total thyroidectomy 30 years ago after Hashimoto's. I am now having painful spasms almost identical to those I had before my gallbladder was removed and blood tests show ESR levels are high (inflammation markers). It seems to me that all of these - thyroiditis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis - have one common denominator: itis, i.e. inflammation. It can't be coincidence, imo. I also have painful osteoarthritis. And, after doing a lot of research it seems that much of this inflammation is somehow linked to gluten intolerance and gut flora (not the whole story perhaps but interesting nonetheless). I wish I'd known this before I had my gallbladder removed - I've had stomach problems ever since and everyone I know who has had cholecystectomy say the same.

  • Hi, yes they are definitely connected. I have hashi diagnosed yrs ago, 7 yrs ago had gall bladder surgery, my bowel was perforated with surgery, I still had pain like before I had the operation.

    Eventually on morphine, had tests, they said its a valve getting stuck (sphincter of oddi) the builds up bile and sick.

    I had a few trips to a & e with suspected heart attack this valve thing is so painful.

  • yes i read about that (sphincter of oddi)on the site that greygoose said about ,it said ,there is a delayed empting of the biliary tract in hypo ,explained partly by the missing prorelaxing effect ot thyroxine on the sphincter of oddi contractiblity,so thanks for that ,i had a scan and they said there was no stones ,but i have polyps,but the pain could be because of what you said .i hope things get better for you soon

  • Thanks my attacks have gone longer in between so I'm hopeful they'll eventually stop.

  • Ps, 3 people went down for scans, same pain after surgery and the ambulence men said the take in loads with the same.

  • I managed to lose weight before my gallbladder operation, making it easier to remove via

    keyhole surgery. The spasms were so bad, if I could have dug the thing out myself I would


  • Yes and yes see my answer below.

  • Does anyone suffer with gallbladder pain everyday ?

  • Yes I do almost every day no stabbing pain more like deep ache and travels to back and side too,I have had it for almost 2 years have a burning skin sensation often and a red rash and itch all intermittent I'm starting to think it's more than hypo?What other symptoms do you have?

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