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Am I euthyroid?

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last June and have been on Carbimazole for the past year. I started on 20mg and am now down to 5 mg. My last bloods were TSH 5.11, FT4 16.6 and Free T3 4.7. My endo considers me to be euthyroid (clinically as well as biochemically) even though I have symptoms of hypothyroidism: fluid retention, tiredness, joint stiffness, tearfulness. The only time I have felt really well was when my bloods were at the low end of the normal range, TSH 1.59, FT4 8.2.

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May I check that you meant "FT4 8.2" in your post? I can't make much sense if that figure is right - but if you meant something like 18.2, then yes, that is more consistent.

My view - TSH of 5.11 would not normally indicate euthyroidism.

(Isn't it odd that the term euthyroid is used at all of people taking medicines to modify their thyroid hormone levels? Doesn't the term mean 'good thyroid (function)'? Which is clearly not the case if you need to take the medicines... )



Thanks, Rod. I do mean Free T4 8.2 but I have checked the original letter and it states T4 not Free T4. I have made an assumption that it means Free T4.....

When I saw my consultant, he said he thought I was in remission but did express some slight concern with my TSH result. However, I was shocked when I received a copy of his letter to my GP which states I am euthyroid!


Hi Nellie,

It would be good to have the ranges with these tests. The normal range in most areas for TSH is 0.5 - 5.0. If this is your range, then you are slightly hypothyroid although some docs won't treat until you get to 10. However, your GP is allowed to give you a trial of levothyroxine between the top of the range i.e. 5.0 and 10 according to the Guidelines (see them on the main website You need to check what your range is.


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