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Advice appreciated- how long should I trial dose?


I started on 50 mg of Levi as tsh was 11.21 (range 0.3-4.5) t4 12.4 and had antibodies. Had all typical symptoms. Felt dreadful for a few weeks of taking meds but then picked up and noticed definite improvement. Still v tired and not quite normal however, cloudy etc. Had check after 6 wks and tsh was 2.21 no t4 tested, doc said that was in normal range, I explained sypmtoms I still had and we agreed to trial an in ease to 75mg per day. O just wondered, how long should I give this? I feel pants, but then I did when I first started levo and the got used to it and improved. It will be two wks on Fri on new dose and currently I feel racy, shaky, anxious, tired, hyper really. Do I stick with it until my blood test after a month on it? Give it two weeks? Three? Should I try staggering the doses- one am one pm? Or bounce them? Nit sure when I should realistically be able to tell if its right for me or not, but I don't want to stop before I've given it a chance... Thank you for your help.

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I always feel worse after an increase, and this can last up to 2-3 weeks for me :( You could try 50/75mcg on alternate days to see how that is, and when you get used to that then go back up to 75mcg every day? xx


Thanks Clare bear, that's a big help x


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