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Pain advice


I have this constant nagging pain that goes along under my breastbone and sometimes into my right side. I find I can do most things but exercise can aggravate it and it tends to come and go. My gp has given me medication for gastro and ibs. Only just started to take them. Welcome any advice about what I should be eating or more likely avoiding.


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Very much sounds like ileo Cecal valve syndrome. Gentle massage on the right side can really help this.



Thank you I will investigate further and see what gp says. So far he meds don't seem to be doing anything. Am in some discimfort


I have had clients who have ended up on morphine for the pain, with little effect. If everything else has been ruled out by your doctors I would recommend looking for a good qualified colonic therapist who can teach you about this, with no medication necessary!


Thank you! Will look into colonic therapist and ty the baking soda


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