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I'm a newbie to this site but an oldie when it comes to IBS : (

Have been reading all the posts with interest.

Am a classic sufferer of both IBS d and IBS c. Generally find mine is food and hormonal related. Currently having a bout of IBS d thanks to my period as well as something I've eaten. Luckily the buscopan has kicked in but I'm still feeling tender. Strange thing is, it's something I've eaten loads of times but the last two times, it's given me no end of grief!

Have recently tried Aloe Vera with cranberry but found this gave me IBS c. So have stopped that.

IBS really is the devil and deep blue sea.

Looking forward to being able to talk with you all.

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I suffer with colitis have to watch what I eat, wheat being my main problem, I find it is just best to avoid foods which trigger my problems, found out by having allergy testing done.

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Have you tried fibogel? Yakult (bio yoghurt) is very good for C too. One a day is enough.

Also you may find it helpful to try the FODMAP diet and cut out the main triggers of IBS. You need to consult with a dietician for best help to make sure you have all the balanced diet.

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York tests do food intolerance tests too which are helpful.



I'm really bad, after having this for years (40+) when I have ibs c I just eat a small amount of food that I know irritates me and that usually resolves my issue. Apart from buscopan, I really don't like taking meds as I'm so allergic to most things. End up with ibs feeling fine but shockingly unwell because of an allergic response instead!


I'm the same as you, been living on ensure drinks since January and everything causes severe pain. Over the past 2 weeks I've been trying CBD oil drops and Colloidal silver, and to say something is working as pain is no so severe! Over the wkend I actually managed mash and salmon without getting ready to go A&E! It's worth a shot.


Hurrah for not having to visit A&E! Glad you are feeling better.


Where did you buy the CBD drops? I am thinking of giving it a go. Thanks


Most health food shops sell them eg Holland and Barrett in uk.


I must be the worst ibs sufferer in the eyes of some of you. I'm sorry to say that I'm not looking for advice, as I have just learnt to live with it. It's only bad at the moment because I'm really stressed and it's my period. Usually I manage it really well, with minimal meds and my diet is quite rigid. It's only a random occasion when a food triggers when it hasn't before or I've not followed my usual routine of drinking 2l of water a day.


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