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IBS and Excema

Hi I am a newbie here, and have been suffering some very"odd" digestive issues, that have taken a long while for clinicians to diagnose, but the general opinion seems to be that I have IBS, after a very stressful incident nearly two years ago, along with hormone depletion due to my age. At exactly the same time, I had horrible cracking and peeling to my fingertips, which no amount of lotions and potions have resolved. It is also, in smaller amounts, on my elbows and under my eye. I have tried wearing gloves, day and night, and nothing seems to my knowledge has changed in my household routine! Am I right in thinking IBS and allergies, ie excema, are linked? If so, what do I do?

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That's exactly how I describe my symptoms"very odd", and my symptoms appeared when I started my menopause four years ago, so I think there may be a link with hormonal IBS, I've spoken to somebody on here and they suggested that I visited the menopause forum, I haven't yet, but reading your blog has made me think there could be a link, it might be worth a try. I wish you better



Many thanks kerrym212. I have just started using coconoil as a rub on my hands, and putting petroleum jelly, with gloves on, at night. I have had horrible digestive "destruction" since the late arrival of classic menopause symptoms, including excema and anxiety. Noone linked the symptoms here in the UK, but did say that it is down to stress! Well, menopause creates stress through anxiety, so maybe......!

Many thanks again, for your advice.

Ruth. xx


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