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Anyone looking for friendship or maybe even something more. From an IBS 'er to any other fellow IBS sufferers. Then id love to hear from u

Yes this aint a matchmaker site :-). But i feel people who have found a partner who empathises and understands IBS. Goes a long long way in dealing managing or living with the problem. A problem shared, a problem halved and all that.

Something normal people will never understand or empathise with IBS sufferers.

Well putting it outhere. Hope this isnt ridiculed :-)

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y should this be ridiculed if ur a geniuin i.b.s suffer then i think its brill 4 people to just chat about anythin not just medical problem,s but everyday thing,s i would lv a friend to talk to well dun suli i think it,s a brilliant idea lv ann xx


Good idea for genuine sufferers, only those with the condition fully understand.


yes i bet its a good thing most people dont understand how we suffer it would be nice know im not alone :)


I suffer horribly from terrible ibs pain and no one can really understand the hell I go through aside from other ibs pain sufferers. Yes It'd be great to have people to chat to.


Ii would absolutely love a friend that I could talk too about ibs or anything else,I'm a single parent and a very bad ibs sufferer and sometimes I feel so alone and don't no where to turn even though family try to help when u sit here alone thinking and wondering why and what you are going to do to help with the pain a friend is definately what I could really do with so this is a fantastic idea and who knows where friendship can take you


Totally my sentiments Andrea, exactly my sentiments. Family do help. course they try understand. But when you have something thats very misunderstood, ill appreciated. Then it is hard explaining and sometimes you re just not in the mood to cos you feel low and down. So you dont want to go through the process of explaining it all. Just be good, someone there you could just share it with, thats understands. Also like you say, other things, soaps, sports, whatever else.....sports my vice, can rant and rave about it for days lol

Ive suffered from IBS from a young age, so i feel its taken the best years of my life away. But im still young enough to lead a fruitful life. But 'normal' people just dont understand IBS, "oh its just a stomach ache" is normally the response. Society is very vain and judgemental too.

Dont know what one would do with fellow friends on this like minded forum. Make friends, something more as you say maybe :-).

A problem shared, a problem halved as the saying goes.

Maybe we could share email addresses if u want, dont mind, if ok??

Hope to hear from you



hi would def like someone to talk to and have a moan to someone to understand even meet for a coffee and a chat. im in south wales


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