Seeing a new Gastrologist

This is to all the people who have read and answered my post. I went to see my new Gastrologist / Hypnotherapist New Years Eve. He was well worth the wait,in the last 12yrs he's the only person who has given me any hope of feeling any better from this ( for me ) debilitating problem IBS. For once I spoke to someone who disn't expect me to fall in the same category as IBS is perceived. He was a very nice understanding person, who gave me all the time I needed which was almost an hour. I came away with a lot more hope than I went in with. We came up with quite a few different ideas than I've heard of before. (And not the dreaded Fodmap diet ) which may work for a few people but not for me. Like he told me Syndrome can be a multitude of sins, and he intended in getting to what it was with me. So yes the travelling was well worth while and I really do think I've reached the top of the tree at last. I would just like to say thank you to all the people on this forum who I've been chatting to,there nothing like talking to people like myself who are suffering with this problem they call ( just Ibs) all take care.

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  • Excellent - I hope that you are beginning to feel better in mind and body

  • Hi cricketqueen, hopefully yes I will, this has been the best hope I've had. Also makes a change to speak to someone who actually listens,and don't expect you to fit the category that all people with IBS supposed to have. Thank you

  • I have just read your email and would be in terested to know more. I too have suffered long term and having just seen my gastro man for the enth time I am feeling quite despondant as he asks the same questions and doesn';t seem to hear what I am saying. Idid have a very good gastro- but he then retired!.

  • Hi I don't think you should carry on seeing someone you have no faith in. The way I got to where I've got to was I had a good GP,but he retired, now I'm just shuffling around trying to find one who understands me. Back to the point when this IBS began 12yrs ago ( it's changed for the worst over time ) I was seeing the so called top man who did quite a few tests and called it IBS. Which I never believed because I had it daily. So I decided to see a couple of gastros private, I believed to this day every one I seen just went with what the first one put on my notes. I then had a Hostpital admission where I nealy lost my life. (Ephesema ) which I was given very strong antibiotics when I was brought out of a sort of coma, my Stomack pain was horrendous , I then had a heart attack,and I was given a nurse to keep an eye on me at home. As luck would have it if you like,she gave me the name of a really good gastro, who said he would only put his name to IBS when he done some tests,colonoscopy, which I believe is the only test that rules out everything else out. I then believed it was chronic IBS. He sent me to see someone in Nottingham more blood tests, Fodmap diet all no good,so he referred me to as he called him a friend of his in Manchester. Now in my opinion I've reached the top of the tree, and I really believe if I had seen this man in the beginning,I would not have had all these years of suffering. I'm not trying to be arrogant, but I believe if you really want something bad enough nowadays you do have to put your foot down and fight for it,I don't think that's right it's just the way it is. So Robrascal If your not happy with your care (GP, consultant, Gastrologist ) ask to try someone else better I if you've heard a name from someone else. I'm sorry I've ranted on so much but my story to get where I want is a long one,this is only a short version. The best advise I was given last year from someone on one of these forums was.Dont sit back take your health into your own hands. Take care I hope that's been a little help. Keep Talking

  • Hi Gemini 71, I have been offered alternative support too, not just diets or anything but c.b.t instead. Maybe we should all be offered stress relief medication for i.b.s 1st.

  • Hi I've had stress meds for awhile now, but my GP disagreed with it and took them off me,now I've tried every pain Releif there is, for me no good,but stress releif meds do help and thank god this gastro agrees and also uses them in his treatment. So he's recommending my GP prescribes them for me. Yippee !!!

  • Glad you are finally getting somewhere. Im on the waiting list for C B T. I had a course of hypnotherapy which worked at the time but hasn't done so much in the longterm. The NHS has given me a couple of websites I can have a look at in the meantime. these give access to an online CBT course apparently. I am going to post these on here in the hope the may help others too. - Mood Gym - E-Couch - Living Life to the Full


  • Hi did they teach you Hypnosis for yourself ?

  • They emailed me the recording of the session which I then used to listen to daily for a relaxation technique. I did improve while I was going to hypnotherapy but it was a 5 session course and at £85.00 each session it isn't something I can keep doing indefinitely.

    I'll have to see how this CBT does.


  • Can't you get it on the NHS?

  • I think my doctor has put me in for CBT instead as i paid for Hypno and it didn't to the trick longterm.


  • I've been told they are going to teach me how to do it for myself,so I'm hopeing IT will be long term. I don't think most GP understand how debilitating it can be . ( oh it's only IBS it won't kill you!!! )

  • Exactly! It's so life limiting. My husband has just gone to an indoor shopping centre as its a wet day here. I had to say no as I knew it would be busy and they only have toilets either end and they may have a queue. I feel that I am stopping him from doing some things too. I can't got out to the beach / for a long walk / ect. I need to know I have easy access to a loo!

  • Same here it don't only limit my life it limits my husbands aswell. He loves going round the shops in different areas, I say I may do tomorrow then when tomorrow comes I change my mind.

  • It won't help your IBS but will mean you can usually avoid loo queues if you get key for disabled toilets from Radar - see website for how to obtain.

  • Yes, I think i might do that.


  • I've got one Polly, you can also have a card to say you need the loo ergently but can you imagine people who are in a queue allowing you to jump it. Just remember they don't understand. But thanks Polly.

  • Hi Gemini, if you are being put on the hypnotherapy course in Manchester it will be a 12 week course but they will teach you how to do it yourself too and give you a c to listen to to help you. I've been through it a couple years ago and still go for top ups every now and again when there is an appt available. I hope it helps you x

  • He did sound very encourageing, it's the first bit of hope I've had he also gave me a diet to try ( not the.fodmap diet ) this is just one to help try to cancel other things out. But I can't start that till the spring. Where do you live ? Did you get funding for the Hypnotherapy ? And thanks for that bit more encouragement .

  • Sorry for the late reply, I live in Manchester and luckily I got funding from my gp which was very good.

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