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Is there an end point

My ibs has cost me 6 stone in 2 years, i contracted the issue after severe food poisoning.

Normally an attack subsides within 48 hours.

However, now its day 6 and im 1/2stone down. Im getting really worried about being under weight,

I can eat anyfood and I can litterally put it back on the plate within an hour.

Does anyonw else have this high metabolism issue?

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goodness me such a big weight loss, what are your doctors saying about it. What is your weight now. Doesnt sound like IBS only


Hello there,

Sorry to hear you are having a bad time at the moment, I have a healthy reasonably fast metabolism and always loose a little weight if a bout goes on for more than a couple of days I find thats more down to the feeling less like eating with being bloated and getting acid overproduction, not to mention the general stress associated with this condition, as Osborne above said sounds as though it could be something else going on, have you been checked for celiacs as this can cause malnutrition due to poor absorbtion, definately talk to your GP, good luck.


I have seen the GP’s multiple times. They have given all the usual pills and I find there neither here or there.

I had the bromide test and it was coming out within the hour. Personally I think it is something else.

I will ask about Celiac.

I did get worried when my doctor said colour distortion wasn’t an issue.


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