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Should I still be suffering?


I posted a few days ago regarding my issue for the past month since taking Flucloaxillin. I weighed myself this week and found that I dropped half a stone due to the crap it put me through. I thought I might have c-diff as within 3 days of taking it I had horrible water d* followed by a volatile few weeks of loose bms and d* ..but I'm wondering what phase Im going through now.. its been well over a month since I took it (and stopped it!) and still, I am going once a day, quite rushed and sometimes when branching out with a bit of garlic or juice my stomach gets ANGRY. Terrible cramps and horrible d*. Ive had to stick to broccoli, water, pasta, rice, couscous and bread, which isnt too much of a hassle as I can handle carbs quite well - I CLEARLY have IBS but what i notice now is that I go once a day then generally I feel fine whereas 2 weeks ago I had a horrible burning pain that kept creeping up with gas ..I keep feeling like I can relax but know if i push my old diet (literally anything and everything) i'll go back into remission. Is this normal? three docs told me its impossible for me to have had c-diff as Ive been starving and well and strangely calm but my bms* are HORRIBLY on and off

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Have you been tested for h-pylori? I’m getting mine done this week just to rule out any bacterial/viral infection.

It’s also quite normal to get diarrhoea with antibiotics. Some people think this is a negative reaction but can be quite normal but shouldn’t last as long as it has for you.

I would also advise slowly reintroducing your old diet if you want to try and pin point a trigger food. Garlic can be a trigger food for IBS sufferers as well as onion? But I’d recommend you go to the doctor if it’s ongoing. Its deemed as a priority if your bowel movements are abnormal for more than a week. Maybe take a sample with you to speed up the process

how do they test h-pylori? I honestly cant tell at this point whats going on but all I know is, as you say, its gone on for a good 5 weeks now but inbetween Ive had fairly normal bms. I generally eat starchy stuff which sometimes gets me constipated but even that it passing through me. Today I havent been but felt the burning again.. its like a hellish cycle, I dont even think burning is an IBS thing . Ugh.

Just a simple stool sample. About half the population carries it and most have no issues. It can cause burping and indigestion. It’s crap, and I know how you feel where you just don’t know the answer but getting a professional opinion will help

You know what flucloxocillin and any other antibiotics kills your stomach lining my ibs started badly after taking the same antibiotics for 6 weeks then after that it's been problematic with my digestive system

but you were on it for 6 weeks so youre fine haha! I only took 3 doses and its messed me up so so horrifically

I can't take it anymore cause it buggers me up

did you notice the symptoms quite soon after taking it? mine legit started like 2 days on them

Yes, it's normal. Sadly the effects of antibiotics can be horrendous. It can actually bring on IBS in people who have never had any issues! I've had chronic IBS all my life but after a double course of antibiotics for H Pylori last year my symptoms have been significantly worse. You need to rebuild the microbiome in your gut - I'd suggest seeing a nutritional therapist to make sure you're doing this correctly. Good luck!

So annoying, I took such a small dose and its just shocked me how severe this has been - imagine if Id taken the full dose....theres gotta be something wrong with my body :(.

Has rebuilding helped you?

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