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Constipated HELP

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So I haven’t pooped in 3 days. I feel like there is a cork in my butt but I have a small cut down there along with a hemorrhoid and I feel the urge but nothing comes out. I’m just super uncomfortable and I just tried going and so much blood was coming out of there. Any remedies to go?

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I had just taken a sitz bath and a shower. Sat on the toilet for about 10-15 min and now my butt hurts so I’m icing it. Just wish I could get this out

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I’m surprise silly sausage hasn’t chimed in This is right up or should I say down his alley😆 Preparation H suppositorie Would probably help big-time. Start eating an apple a day that’s fiber will really help you. Those Senokot pills help too

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I eat apples everyday 🙃

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Movical helps me alot I sachet a day keeps the constipation away lol..get them from your doctor ..hope it helps x

try using Lactulose 1 sachet for about 2 or 3 just softens the waste and helps to pass it

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Have you tried taking Miralax and colace? You can buy them at a drug store.

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Drink plenty of water at least 60 ounces a day

For urgent relief, use either a suppository or an enema. For long term planning, drink a minimum of two litres of water per day, eat two kiwi fruits per day, do NOT eat peanuts. Take two 7.5mg Senna every day for two weeks. Good luck, get well and stay safe.

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Oh don’t use enema’s

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I know they are no fun, but, if you go to A+E this is what they will suggest or offer.

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Why no peanuts?

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They are indigestible and come out (as does sweetcorn) the same as they go in.

Sorry to hear your pain. If your eating plenty of fruit and veg. Try eating a handful of dried raisins I found these the only thing that regulated by bowel many months ago . They are natural and go through the digestive system and shoouldnt cause any upset tummy. May seem strange but I am now back to normal and I only have a fibre breakfast every morning now. I dont even need the raisins. If this doesnt work you should go to your GP. Wish you better xx

Don't worry. Not worrying is your number one treatment of constipation. As someone said (sorry I cannot scroll to see the name) both raisons, sultanas and dried prunes always work if you work up to the right "dose". I have emphysema stage 4 (and I'm 78) but also have IBS and bloating and constipation. It's not unusual for me to go 7 to ten days between bowel movements and it is bad news since it makes breathing harder with a swollen stomach. IMO I would stay away from "medical" answers and treatments as they affect the muscles in your colon, sometimes permanently. I eat between 6 and 9 dried plums when I have a bad bout of "C" and it has always worked for me. Please remember that what works for one person may not work for another for a number of reasons, but again I advise going the organic route rather than taking medical products. You'll get there, it's always just a matter of time. We all worry really badly sometimes BUT remember it will pass. Best wishes and big smiles.

I would say 2 glycerine suppositories initially if you feel it is there to come out. Then Increase whatever you have been taking for constipation whether it’s fruit, linseeds or laxatives as your body has probably become accustomed to amount you’ve been using. Don’t strain too much on the toilet though.Good luck & hope you’re feeling more comfortable soon.

Thank you for the replies! I finally got the “plug” out. I took some miralax earlier today so I’m waiting for that to clean me out lol. I’m still in a lot of pain but it’s not as bad as last night. I’ll be taking yalls advice into consideration!

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Do you understand soluble and insoluble fibre? It very important to get the mix correct for you. I have IBS A and it’s very hard to get it right but I feel a lot better when I do.

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No I don’t. I’m new to all this

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Look up. on fibre it’s very helpful, it tells you what fibre is best if you have diarrhoea or are constipated, soluble fibre soaks up the water in the colon and in turn helps it travel through the colon better to much insoluble fibre can make diarrhoea a lot worse. When I first found out about it I was miffed that people with IBS are not informed about the difference in fibre. If you watch you tube look at Michelle Kenway she has a couple of very interesting videos on fibre and how to control constipation.

Hello, try Ortis, Fruits & Fibres Regular cubes. I buy mine from Holland & Barret but pharmacies sell them as well. A natural way to relieve constipation. I have IBS C and have tried lots of different medications and natural remedies and this small cube works for me. A whole cube was initially too much for me as I was on toilet over 5 times in a day, so now I have half in the morning and half in the evening to keep me regular. Hope this helps.

Just ordered some. I hope they help me . Thank you for the info 😊

I too am in a mess, tho I see now you have unplugged yourself, thank God! They told me ,over the phone , I have an impacted bowel . Take 8 movicol over the day . Never again! Pain , more bloating , violent diarrhea. Had two accidents 😜 still feel bunged up and ill. So bought fibre flakes and prunes. And ordered the fibre cubes that were recommended on here. I don't think people fully understand how awful it is to have this condition and find it amusing !! They really don't get it do they.xxxx

Sorry to hear your pain, it really sucks having to deal with it.I've recently been advised, via healthunlocked, to try Flaxseeds as part of my diet and since introducing it into a new regime that includes insoluble fibre (gluten free porridge) i''ve not had a serious blockage since so i would recommend introducing flaxseed as it seems to have worked for me so far.

Best of luck :)

Hello, have you considered enemas? Warm water through the bladder and tube daily. I used distilled water that I boiled first then let cool down. Also, start eating well cooked vegetables and things like sauerkraut daily. Avoid milk, meat, starches and high protein meals for awhile. If you have persistent gut issues then consider the GAPS Nutritional Protocol.

MovicolTake two sachets with lots of water

Any advice on what to do about the hemorrhoid pain

Salt water bath - or better still sit on a bidet filled with hot salty water - it will cure them rapidly.

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I do that multiple times a day. Still in a bunch of pain once I get out. I feel great when I’m in the bath lol

I've been working with a dietician her constipation recommendation is two kiwi fruits in the morning then two at night. Has worked successfully for a friend . Hope this helps.

Hi l know how you feel. I have suffered with constipation all my life and have recently been drinking prune juice every day which has been helping and l haven't been experiencing the cramping pains. I buy mine from Sainsburys. Give it a try as it might help. Good luck and look after yourself. Janet

Laxido a dose of 3 sachets over the day.(one every 3 hours)If that doesn't help it may mean a trip to A&E for an enema I was so desperate I did that about a year ago. But it was a nightmare wait in A&E about 4 hours.I sometimes wonder if they do that to Discourage people going in the first place


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