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Ibs pain codeine


Has anyone taken codeine for Ibs pain?

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Hi Jasper21,I see and hear different things about codeine and IBS,some things say don't take it some say do...I take co codamol but only occasionally as it makes me constipated as it does everyone. I find everything is hit and miss with this condition,doctor prescribed me lansoprazole to line my tummy before I take ibuprofen etc,and that upsets my tummy but others find it works. So I guess it depends on how your body will react to it. Colpermin IBS tablets help me when I am suffering. Hope you find the answer you are looking for

Yes - made me worse. Would never touch it again.

I take codeine for my ibs and gallstone pain nearly everyday a few times a day.

Bits1961 in reply to Loz009

+I also use it on a regular basis. Just remember to watch the constipation and use Laxido daily to counteract the problem.

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Hi is your pain continuous. Mine is above my waist. Nothing seems to work. It wakes me up at night.

Bits1961 in reply to Hidden

It's always there but worse during the night.It wakes me up.

My pain is lower left tummy.

What I've found to work for me from personal experience is buscopan which you may already know about which helps with ibs cramps, they help me when I take them alongside my prescribed meds called mebeverine which is another antispasmodic drug. there brilliant i take them 3 times a day they work a treat most days. I have chronic ibs and gallstones and other issues. But I find lopermide or immodium helps for diarrhoea and omprezole helps for acid reflux as IBS can cause nausea and sickness and even heartburn symptoms. I've suffered for 10 years now so hope this helps someone. Also diet changes make a difference, and have upto 3 fruit or veg a day (not 5) plus pasteurised Milk is a massive No No for me so stear clear of dairy xx

Hopkir in reply to Loz009

So can u take mebeverine and buscopan together ?

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I can’t take Buscopan as it causes heart problems. Also omperazole seems to make craps worse. Do you ever get the pain just above your waist. Had it for nearly two months now. Seen consultant and he says heartburn and Ibs

I have some bad pains especially when constipated and sometimes a little ice pack will relieve it. I try not to take opioids like codeine as the short term relief leads to worse constipation so not really worth it.

Codeine makes me constipated, it gives me massive cramps and the sweats and I nearly pass out when I go the loo. Not for me

Yes..I took Vicodin (Hydrocodone, Norco) for thirteen years for severe degenerative back disease. I'm no longer on it. Since it is an opiate pain med..it blocked my IBS pain. It was such a relief! But then Opioids are notorious for causing constipation and I could no longer take them. I think taking it for so long made me always have to strain and made my constipation worse, as now I'm unable to have a bowel movement on my own. Would not recommend this

I used to take codeine phosphate and my GP at the time stupidly told me it was safe to take as many as I wanted to. Not only is it constipating but its also addictive. So I wouldn't recommend taking it on a daily basis.

I did find myself addicted to it but the repurcussions were that it caused more pain due to constipation.

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Did it help with the pain because nothing else does. Wakes me up at night, it is just above my waist

I'm wondering if that's gastric acid pain as you are laying down and because it's high up?

I took codeine phosphate more to control diarrhoea TBH

The pain is a symptom of a problem, try and treat the problem. It's worth trying a 60 day course of a quality pre and probiotic combination capsule twice a day and see if that helps, it often does.

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Have you tried that and which one please

MatthewU in reply to Hidden

I use a pre/pro-biotic from BodyFokus called Synbiotic Active Vitality, this seems to suit me, I also take Citalopram which helps with anxiety and thus less stress on the gut.


I think mine is a lot of stress. Makes you very depressed. My pain is just above wAist.

I take codeine when necessary. It does take the edge off the pain and helps with diarrhea. Advice though is not to take it on an empty stomach xxx


Paracetamol does not Touch it. Wakes me up in night as well sometimes Just above waist.

I've never taken codiene for IBS pain. I started taking it recently for Repetitive Strain Injury in both of my wrists and found it made my IBS worse, in that I was completely constipated.

For IBS pain I take buscopan and have a hot water bottle on my stomach. It works wonders if you use that combination at night because I always wake up feeling a lot better!

I also take Colpermin IBS Relief tablets on occasion, especially if I'm experiencing bloating.

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Do you get pain constantly for months

Cimmy in reply to Hidden

I’ve taken codeine for IBS pain which I’ve had for months, the doctor has now put me in an opiate based painkiller called tesgemic it dissolves under your tongue, it seem to be helping a it but I’m on all the usual medications and just feel defeated. I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. My pain is mainly lower left side pain and can knock me senseless sometimes. Hope you find some peace and solutions to this abhorrent disease, you are not alone in this, there are so many helpful people and posts on this site, this forum has been my savior on many occasions. Take care

Yasai in reply to Hidden

I've had periods in the past where I've had constant pain, the longest being for a month where I could only manage very small portions of food and as a result I lost a lot of weight.

More recently I had constant pain for 3 days straight which completely knocked me out and I still don't know the cause of, but I think it's related to stress as it only appears when I'm under extreme stress (when I had it for a month it was my university dissertation, when I had it recently it was because my partner was made redundant and I was working 2 jobs).

I can't imagine what it's like to have that pain for months on end and I'm sorry that I can't offer any more advice on how to manage it. I'm sure some other commenters will be able to offer more appropriate advice 🙂


Mines above the waist as well as round it. Been told it is Ibs and acid. Was given omerparazole and pantoprazole but I think they make the cramps worse. So fed up.

I have the same sort of pain as you are describing. It really gets me down as well.

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How long have you had it. Mine is continuous.

Mine is pretty much continuous. It started 18 months ago. Above my belly button and round to the sides. Ita in the area where you would wear a belt. I've had bloods 3 times, abdominal scan, colonoscopy and had my gallbladder out during this time. I get diarrhoea suddenly at times, but not all the time. I've seen numerous different GPs and the hospital doctors who all say its ibs. I recently had a repeat calprotectin test as the first one was high at 198. Waiting for results which are delayed due to covid ( the freeze the samples at the lab and test batches when covid work permits them to) i take omeprazole, buscopan and am currently trying silicol gel.

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Can’t take Buscopan as it can affect the heart. Tried silicol. Does omerparazole cause you more pain? It wakes me up in night as well. Get so depressed with it. I had stomach and pelvic scans last year. Bloods, barium swallow and ultra sound scan recently. Just say Ibs And acid! Wish there was a cure

Readingnana in reply to Hidden

I dont think the omeprazole worsens the pain, its there either way. It reduces the heartburn so I've just restarted it this week. I have woken in the night with it, but not since my gallbladder surgery. When I wake it is there in the background. It gets me down too. I've been suffering with anxiety and tried antidepressants, but couldn't tolerate them.

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All sounds very familiar!

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Are you feeling any better.

I've had a good few days recently thank you. Not totally pain free, but way better, with just isolated episodes of pain. Thats the first time in a long time. Im really hoping it continues. I can cope with flare ups from time to time, but when you can't get rid of the pain it just gets so depressing. How are you doing?


Was your pain just above your waist. No d or c. Kept worrying about it which doesn’t help. Did it wake you up at night.

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