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I’m suffering

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Can anyone please tell me what to do. I’ve been having colon spasms for at least a month now. I’ve been very stressed at work and my IBS is making me even more paranoid. I went to the doctor and he put me in 6 duspatalin per day for 10 days, which I did and now it came back. I’ve been eating pasta with chicken for a month. I’m exhausted. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well..have you had cat scan or Colonoscopy? Food intolerance testing..like dairy, gluten testing? Upper and lower abdominal barium follow through? I am in States, and was prescribed Bentyl or Levsin to help with anal and intestinal spasming. Have you had any tests for possible diverticulitis? I once found out a long time ago reason for my spasms was a tapeworm I must have gotten while traveling. I hope you feel better soon..☺🎄⛄

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Stephanie_M in reply to Eliana5

I have finally managed to book an appointment with the doctor mid January. I think he is going to blame my stressful mind.

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Eliana5 in reply to Stephanie_M

Don't let him dismiss you and say "it's all in your head"..you are paying money for an answer. Ask for and insist on tests. Keep us posted..☺ right now, trying to find a good Probiotic for constipation..severe and chronic, but they are not FDA approved or regulated..so who knows what you are actually getting..most of them so expensive, and it's mind boggling because they are so many. They work for some people, but not all..so its "hit or miss"..wish there was an answer tired of suffering..

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Stephanie_M in reply to Eliana5

I’ve taken ultra flora probiotics several times for my diarrhea and it helped. They do are expensive but they work if you wanna try them.

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Eliana5 in reply to Stephanie_M

Yes, they are rated in the top 5 in Probiotic supplements in 2018. Not sure how they would be for constipation, will have to do some research..thanks!

I get bad spasms a few times a month and take Buscopan for them, its horrendous pain :(

I take buscopan as well when the pain is to awful but i m taking duspatalin now every day it stops the colon from spasms but you have to take them daily as it needs a therapy session.


I don’t know that I can add much to previous replies, but you could try Colpermin capsules. They are more of a ‘natural’ anti-spasmodic and you can take up to 6 a day, I believe (do check!).

Other than that, hard though it may be, try to reduce your stress at work - perhaps keep a pen and notepad by your bed and write down those ‘work-worries’ and ‘to-do’ lists to get them out of your head and allow you to sleep?

Hope that helps.


Stress is a big trigger for ibs

Have you tried yoga or Pilates helps a lot of people

Walking if your reasonably well especially around trees water can help

Colon spasms horrible I've had them on n off for years

Much better recently

I take myrbentol or bus company for spasms

Paracetamol and if very painful codeine hot water bottle

A little ginger wine if all else fails

Sleep really helps if you can get well enough to fall asleep

Watching favourite film or comedies anything to switch off stress thoughts

Laughter really helps

Try laughing out loud if on your own fake it it can help trigger brain to stop pain signals

I asked people to pray for me after a very bad November and not had a single spasm since .

Hope you can get some rest and fun over the Christmas break

Even if your not a Christian a carol service does wonders for your wellbeing

I remember a lady in her 60,s went to one and said it was the best Christmas Eve she had ever had,!

Look after yourself and best wishes


Should read Buscopan not bus company

Predictive text! Hope it brought a smile anway

And I thought it was a magic pill for a split second!

So sorry Stephanie. I get the same . comes and goes . When it gets really bad i take Hyoscyamine Suffate. You could ask your doc to try it. Doesnt take them totally away but does calm it down for me . Also laying on a heating pad seems to help calm them. I have now dealt with them for decades. At first i thought i would surely die but now I know its not deadly and i think that helps a little to help keep me calmer. Also when I get like that , I just give up the day and go to bed . Really hope you feel better soon !

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Stephanie_M in reply to martart

Thank you martart I usually “use” my dog instead of a heating pad stays longer! But other than that it has been impossible the last days. I’ve begun now some probiotics hopefully they will help.

The dog heating pad sounds great ! I dont have one anymore so i just "plug in" . I have just started on probiotics too. Been about 2 weeks for me . Hope it helps us !

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Eliana5 in reply to martart

Do you mind if I ask what probiotic you take? I don't cramp any more since being in Seroquel, but I do have severe and chronic constipation..nothing seems to help. Probiotics not FDA regulated, so who know what you are really getting..some are so expensive..and so many out there..😞

I'm not sure what to say, I'm having an ibs attack at this moment, chips are a no no, they make my butt feel like it's being torn cause they don't digest, I'm cramping so badly in so much pain, running a hot bath but afraid because I just took a sedative for sleep and am home alone

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Stephanie_M in reply to Alphanes

Hot water bottle on your stomach makes it a bit better. I think is this cold weather is being cause cramps and diarrhea. Try probiotics for your digestion. Once when u wake up.

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