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Hi all I haven’t posted in a long time here but these past 2 weeks I’m really in pain and I’ve been on a diet cause my spasms are out of control and I ended up loosing kg again. I swear if one more persons tells me oh no you look like sh** or did you lose weight again I will punch them in face. Is bad enough that I’m in pain I started to look like an anorexic and people are pointing in it out.

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Hi Stephanie - I have read some of your posts and can see you may have a combination of problems which may have already been addressed - forgive me if I'm going over old ground but have you had tests for diabetes, thyroid, and celiac disease?

Think stress may be part of your problem which is affecting your mental health as you need to be near a loo. The final question is have you been tested for multi allergens or for dairy, egg, and gluten on the NHS? It has taken years to get to grips with IBS and other problems but have found that having a test through Alphega pharmacy chain which does allergy tests has helped tremendously. I had a gluten test in 2012, but it came back as normal. I also have tyoe 2 diabetes which spiralled out of control with drugs which did not work, My family was so fed up of the loo round they gave me a food intolerance for 64 different foods and to my disbelief I discovered I had multi grain allergy rye wheat barley, and maize rice and banana,dairy and egg. The test took a few minutes but the support from pharmacist was professional and told me more about my diet and what I was eating than I knew before. It cost £70 and there are branches all over the Uk. The website Alphega has a faqs heading. You go to question 5 on services in your area.

The services page has an ion at the bottom of the page which you press to find a box on the left of the page for scroll down for allergy service which you tick. Then you fill in your location and the nearest branch to do the test should come up. I have also found that mebeverine a safe medication calms the intestinal muscles to stop the spasm, Fibregel flavoured sachets sprinkled over home made porridge oats made with lactase free milk, an a bit of honey, has helped my eating habits. Oats have a calming effect on most people's system. The gel draws the water from the large colon, and makes it solid rather than mud!

Sorry this is so long - but there are so many threads to your problem you need to go back to your GP

Being 5ft 6ins and weighing 51 kilos, I too get fed up with "have you lost weight again".

I have learnt to count to 10 and smile. I hope you are just going threw a bad patch, or have your meds stopped working? If you have had all the usual tests (gluten etc) and all are clear then perhaps a dietician can help you put some weight back on. Good Luck!

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Kilgh in reply to Linley

Wow. Don't kill me, but technically you could fight Strawweight and have the reach advantage at that weight! Don't kill me.... I had IBS-D a few months back so bad I lost 8kg in 6 weeks cause I just didn't want to eat anymore. IBS sucks.

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Stephanie_M in reply to Kilgh

I’m sorry when you say you had IBS-D. Is it gone now?

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Kilgh in reply to Stephanie_M

Getting there. I am on a new drug. Day 8. Seems to be calming things.

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