What should I do?

Hi, I know that I have some sort of bacteria/gut flora imbalance, and maybe a leaky gut due to my very poor diet. I have been very constipated for a few months, around one stool per week!!!! I have swollen lymph nodes and other symptoms aswell.

My question is, do you think it's necessary to go to the doctors and get tested for SIBO? Or just start to eat healthier, take probiotics and follow a strict gut healing diet?

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  • Or maybe candida. What should I do?

  • You need to see a doctor, there is a condition called Dysbiosis, look it up and see if it's that.If so you need an antibiotic designed for the gut only, the you go on a really high probiotic .

  • Hi, I have been researching about dysbiosis. There is SIBO and just a kind of less serious dysbiosis. But what im wondering is, should I go to doctor and get tested for the SIBO, or just try and take strong probiotics. But I don't know if it's candida either? So I don't really know what to do

  • Hi again, if you want to do something first, you can go on garlic tablets every day and a probiotic at the same time, garlic will kill candida, you also need to go off carbs, all sugar, bread, biscuits, very little fruit. Try this if you want but it is very hard to get rid of. You could ask doctors to test you for sibs, and or Dysbiosis. Keep in touch and see how you go.

  • Ok I'm just worried because I don't really know what to do.... I hope it's not candida but you never know

  • Candida is not to bad, get rid of all carbs and KILL the candida. It will take at least 3 months. I had 4 years violently ill everything I ate as fermenting in my gut and I had a stomach nine months pregnant with twins and NO specialist could find wha was wrong with me, they all told me I had some form of cancer and go back to my gp until he diagnosed it. It cost thousands over 4 years. What r your symptoms?

  • My main symptoms is bad constipation, and just stomach pains s. I'm doing a poo about once a week. I think I've always had dodgy gut bacteria as I had bad bloating and stomach pain, but 6 months ago I got really constipated due to me eating very unhealthily . What I may do is go to docs and try and get a SIBO test, as I know that candida often is accompanied by SIBO or gut dysbiosis aswell

  • Great!

  • Hi very good idea if I was you I would do both things

    All The Best

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