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Pinching pain


Here I am again...

I had an abdominal CT 20 months ago all fabulous and clear but lately I have developed a pinching pain in my upper left side and feel tired does anyone else understand that sharp nipping feeling when the have ibs flare up

Sorry 😐 I’m just driving myself to distraction

I had IBS when I was young but now I’m 54 and happiest I could ever be I don’t understand why !?

Hope someone has had similar 😳

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I am betting it's not serious, but if you are really worried, ask your gastro. You can also wait a bit to see if it goes away. x

Is it like under your lowest rib, to the left? I get that a lot when I’m constipated. My GP isn’t worried about it. It comes for a few days and then goes away for a bit. I think it’s hard poop trying to turn the “corner” of the gut, if that makes sense! X

Sweepy13 in reply to weegmack

Perfect sense and actually seems to fit with how I’ve been lately .... IBS is clever plays with you mind ummm or is it the other way round 🙈

Thanks x

TheaT in reply to Sweepy13

I believe I know what you are talking about, only mine is on the right side. Speaking of IBS playing with your mind, YES!

Sweepy13 in reply to TheaT

Thank you .... take care

Sweepy13 in reply to weegmack

After two years I thought I would come back and read some posts as I’m in a flare up... came across your reply 😊thank you it’s just reassured me again

weegmack in reply to Sweepy13

It’s nice to hear from you 😊. I’m really sorry you’re in a flare-up though. Its understandable given the current circumstances! Is it the same pain again? Xx

Sweepy13 in reply to weegmack

Yes I get panicked everytime but I have to be honest it seems to be made worse by constipation, I’m going to keep an eye on it now I have had normal BM and see if it settles, I don’t think the current situation helps anyone does it... hope you are keeping well 😊

Me too i do get a kind of pinching pain and discomfort also i am taking Colpermin and Peppermint oil tablets from chemists with some Bicarbonate of soda when i get very Bloated i too am am distressed.

Sweepy13 in reply to Audy

Thank you ... I used to swear by colpermin then I got used to it

Take care

IBS is a real mind game. Just when you think you have a handle on the condition it switches and behaves in a completely different way. It is hard to get your head round it and that really does not help with the whole anxiety issues around toileting. Sorry to say that I have not really found anything that works. I am currently about to move house and my IBS has gone completely haywire as if I don't have enough to cope with. Good luck with your condition I really feel for you.

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