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Ibs-c and sometimes diarrhea


I’m usually very constipated with ibs and I’ll be constipated for 6 days. Well the past week has been great and I’ve been pooping great everyday which is unusual for me cause I usually go 3 to 6 days without bowel movements so it was great, until this Saturday I had one bowel movement and it was diarrhea. I started to panic that I had the stomach bug but on Sunday I was fine and then again today I had diarrhea again. So I don’t think it’s the bug because i would only have one diarrhea bowel movement and it skipped Sunday. I also stopped taking antibiotics 14 days ago and they warned saying I’d get diarrhea on antibiotics or even when I stopped it weeks after. I have an extreme fear of vomiting so any signs of the stomach bug scares me. But if it was the stomach bug I would have more diarrhea and it wouldn’t have skipped a day. Anyone had this with ibs constipation? Or is my body like in shock from pooping good everyday.

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You may have c-difficul which is very serious diarrhea that can be a bad side effect from Antibiotics. Antibiotics disrupt the normal flora in our stomach. I had a really bad reaction to Sulfa. I remember a gastro recommending probiotics for better flora, as I fortunately did not have c-difficul..however if this continues, I would definitely make appt to Gastro or Doctor.

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