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My IBS feelings

I have suffered from IBS-C for 4 years now. Most days I wish I was dead, I've lost so much, but gained more faith in my Lord and savoir. I wish this was all over.

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I understand that feeling. Rest , hung on. Search for good doctor on your not so bad days.


On my good days all I want to do is clean my place and rest. Ibs takes a lot out of u. My doctor had me on illness which was a gift from heaven until Satan a.k.a my insurence stopped paying for it.



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When feeling so sick with suicidal thought, any other issue like insurance, expense worries...etc is very damaging isn't it? Does you family understand you are feeling horrible?


It's very damaging like no one even understands and even if they did, it won't make my bowel problem go away. My family is always saying there too busy to see me, i see them maybe 3 or 4 times a year and it's only like 3 to 4 mins. Ppl keep claiming they had ibs and with it u can still do things, but mine is so bad even a little stress and I'm in for a horrible attack. I can't coup with society or what it requires of me, I can't give back. It's like I'm chained down and I deal with depression since I was little which don't help ya know.


Understand. It is damaging and sometimes or when thing are bad, I wish I was dead. Emotional and physical exhaustion. I am not diagnosed as IBS but what IBS-C would be like for all my life, probably as not bad as you, because I still have well coped days my diagnosis was dysbiosis, slow colonic transit, resulted in rectal prolapse and rectocele.

How is you doctor? Is he trying to find out what can be done to improve your day to day life?

I have been withdrawing and depressed because of this since teen.

Things got living hell after stimulant laxative stopped working few years go. Little hope and little improvement was by treatment from gastroenterologis but onoly little. Cannot plan, cannot be sure if I am ok tomorrow without wasting my life on couch feeling sick...etc it takes over the life and yes it is very damaging. Lost opportunities and almost lost my marriage...Just want to enjoy little thing like morning walk or to read favorite book without feeling sick, like normal people..

Hope you can at least enjoy something you like still..

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Hes trying to find me a new gastroligest because my last one didn't take me serious nor my symptoms. Just gave me anti acids all the time, I would find out when I got home and looked up the meds. I would tell him hey there's this new ibs meds out, I would like to try it and see if it helps me, no no we will try this and see how it does, hey there's another ibs meds out I want to try it out, no no we will try this instead. O lost my relationship because of it, I couldnt go out, I couldn't eat without having an attack, no energy to go anywhere. If I was rich I would buy $500,000 worth of linzess. Yea I'm stuck on the toilet most of the day but I'm not in tormenting pain. All I want is not to be in pain and linzess did that for me, so maybe it can do that for you too. I've been stuck in this apartment for 2 years now, I barly can go out and terrified of going out. It has rooted control over my life. But if they can do something to stop the pain, I'll be fine with a flood coming out of me.


It makes me so furious and disappointed to tears when a specialist does such thing :( Anti acid makes constipation worse though doesn't it? Who wants to visit doctors like a hobby, people go to hospital to hospital because they are sick and desperate for life. I cannot imagine the pain and distress you are going through you have to stuck in the room for few years..I truely hope things and doctors will find out what you need to really live not to just survive.

Are you able to eat, drink, and at least enjoy NEtflix?

I got so sad on Monday public colorectal surgeon ( to save some money) who tested colon transit told me to eat prune, drink water...etc all those ridiculous things also to stop using laxative..and to live with it... With "If that ever worked I am not suffering for 2 decades aren't I ??In my mind, I left thought this is going nowhere.

I will have to go back to private gastro and colorectal now...

Exact same thing almost ruined mine too cuz even partner thought I was just lazy, not sticking to plan or not participating with family and friends because I just don't feel like it...no matter how much explanation given...

Hear you, takes over and being controlled by it.

linzess.. never tried it... will ask about that one too or something different from gastroenterologist. I am going to go try biofeedback advised by my colorectal today, and see how that goes.


The thing is I was already on an anti acid for my gerd. herd pharmacist would tell me do u know ur taking 2 anti acids. I tell them my gastroligest proscribed it to me. It's very depressing in here being stuck but mostly because I am always alone, I told my caseworker that and she tries to get me to get out more, but I can't get out more because I'm terrified of an attack of showing pain in public, not finding a bathroom in time. Being stuck in this forsaken apartment for t03 years alone, I have watched everything good on Netflix and hulu and YouTube is almost boring now.I tried prunes but that was a big mistake on my part, made it so much more worse. I HATE it when ppl say live with it, or get over it. My mother and others use to tell me that when I was depressed as if depression is something u just get over, yea I had a loving family and more than most ppl, but I didn't know why I was depressed, I was just sad and wanted to die all the time so I hurt and cried in silence, never again to show my depression, put on a mask. The scars I had was inside me, lots of nights I held a knife to my wrist just wanting to leave and never return because I thought I was ungreatful and stupid and a cry baby because I was always depressed. That linzess really is a miracle drug, but without insurence it's 400 bucks a bottle. It really helps with constipation. I hope ur gastroligest takes u more seriouslythan mine did. The sooner I'm pain free the better. I'm a religious man of christ but this pain is truly tormenting.


whaaaaa t. that is so expensive. This area of study and awareness is so slow isn't it. Are you any better with your depression.

It seems like past 10 years only that sub categories and diagnosis proper procedure were set up. Let's hope that specialist will know lots more of what to do very very soon.


Hopefully sooner than soon. And for my depression, it comes and goes as it pleases, and hits me out of nowhere. I have learn a few coping skills thru out the year but with depression and IBS, it can get over whelming at times. I try to be optimistic about every situation I'm in but that's easier said than done and yea those pills are price, all they do tho is preven ur colon from absorbing water and instead reverse from absorbingto giving ur colon water so u go from a desert to a waterfall but once it kicks in, the pain just fades away. It really is a miracle drug. Just so darn expinsive


Have you worked with pain doc?


I'm only able to work with what my insurence will pay 4. I'm at there mercy


Hey alphanes

Can i ask what u have ? Ie c or d.... and also what u take for it...

I was in same position as u about 2 years ago and now im fine so there are answers.

I saw a great gastro and a good naturopath so i may able to give u some tips


I have IBS-C 4 years now. I was taking a miracle drug called linzess but Satan a.k.a my insurence stopped paying for it, fiber powder, milk of magnesium, peptobismal makes it a lot worse. Linzess cost 400 bucks without insurence.


So ur in america??

I had ibs c since i was 5 then 2 years ago ended up in hosp with 2 weeks impacted 💩😳. The pain was horrific.

After that I decided i was not doin it anymore !

40 years of it was just stressing me out and making me ill:

I eventually went to a fantastic gastro dr and naturopath that work

In conjunction with each other and this is what cured me...

1. Probiotics and lots of them... also know how to Take them, never anywhere near hot food or drink it kills The bacteria.

2. A good digestive enzyme it breaks down ur food which people with ibs c it doesnt do it so easily... it takes along time To go through...

3. Peppermint oil capsule... stops stomach pain, helps dogestions and just calms stomach helps it work.

4. Try to not eat red meat it clogs


5. Try to not eat so much stodgy food as again it clogs colon... ie bread, pastries, cakes, dough( pizzas) , alot of gluten Or wheat based food. onions, garlic aswell.

6. 500-800mg of magnesium tablets a day. ( u work it out how much u need)

Also sugar ... try to cut back...

As Sugar slows ur whole

Body down.

I went home cleaned out all

My cupboards, brought all the supplements ( expensive at first but once u done it once ur only do it every few months or so)

Cut out gluten and sugar and literally with within 2 weeks i was ok!!

It was like a miracle and within 6-8

Weeks i had no ibs symptoms at all and was 💩 everyday!

I know im not the only one as i have given this advice out on here and i have had 6 private messages saying they did it and it has massively helped them to.

All we got to remember is all this food we eat now a-days some

Peoples Bodies cannot process it... we are not all built same. Some can eat it all rest of there life and nothing, people with ibs ur body is telling u it not happy with something ur doin or putting in it. It case of working it out.

Mostly it unhealthy gut bacteria


How is onions and garlic bad, my ibs book by Heather van vorous had recipies with onions and garlic in it. The book is called eating for IBS. I've had to cut out so much of what I can't eat. Right now all I eat is rice noodles tossed with finely cut leeks, and Finley cut mint leaves, with marinated chicken breast mixed with garlic powder, Brown sugar, soy sauce. With a side cup of strong peppermint tea or Apple juice. I can't even eat jiffy creamy peanut butter no more 😢😢😢😢 I have been addicted to pb&j since I was 5. It's the only thing that brings me joy. I stopped gluten intake and stopped dairy products and if I have eggs I only have egg whites no yolks.


onions and garlic for ibs sufferers is the devil....

there something in it that upsets ur belly i only have to have a tiny bit in a sauce by accident and im in agony.

There not many people that can cope with them.

Plus brocoli, cauliflower, brussels....

They digest into wind so give u bad stomach pains and wind and if u have d ur have 💩 but if u have c it will just bung u up.

It about getting rid of the bad foods that are well known to upset ibs sufferers.

Also about putting good gut bacteria into ur stomach so ur gut will become strong and cope with more...

As soon as i realised this after 40 years of suffering and constant trips to A&E to get CLEARED OUT, i am now able to 💩everyday and i have no ibs symptoms anymore.

It hard work and u have to have a lot of willpower plus make all ur own food but il take that over pain and embarrassment everyday

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Those two almost kill me. Something in them cause rumination problems in our gut, even the smallest touch of them.


U where right, garlic a no no. Then what can I eat it seems like 99 percent of things I can't eat, even one glance will set u off. Why does food have to be like madusa to us IBS suffers. Its like every food we eat has these bee stingersall around them and they scrap and sting there way out


I made mistake of trying bread after 18 months WHAT A MISTAKE


Have you considered the FODMAP diet. If not, you should try it. A lot of what you are eating is not good for your digestive system. You should pay attention to what Lulububs says. She has some great advice. Are you taking probiotics? Soy sauce, leeks, garlic powder, brown sugar are all very bad. Apple juice is also very bad. Try to check out the FODMAP diet.


Apple juice is acidic... like tomatoes and vinegar and soy which is u have a inflammed stomach lining which is ibs it will literally inflame it even more.

Thats why i never understood apple cider vinegar, jesus i tried this once and pain was like my inside were on fire it was awful like pouring vinegar over a cut finger!

U got to get that inflammation down in stomach

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What is FODMAP? And how can I get probiotics when I can't even eat yogurt that has probiotics in it?


FODMAP is a diet developed for IBS sufferers. Look it up on the internet. For probiotics, you can start with Align. They do not make your stomach feel worse. If yogurt bothers you, you may be lactose intolerant.


Dairy never bothered me until I got IBS, that's when I became lactose, so now I'm going to try soy milk and almond milk, I hear good things about those.


The posts reminded me of what I tried before at centre for digestive disease (it is in Sydney. Au) I have done antibiotic therapy for few months, followed by Fecal Microbiome Transplant. Helped a bit - get off senna- but still the same cycle or bloat, desitension whatever I eat, choices were very limited. But I think at least it may have killed bad bacterias living there forever for over 2 decades of slow transit. In the end, it is on research stage and they told me that there are no guarantee (for IBS too) , but I can try. So I tried with thinking whatever to end this.

Unfortunately, did not end..

These doctor told me that, post FMT, I don't have to go back there for top-up infusion and just buy probiotic in capsule form.

Just a though. If you wanna look it up


I dont eat dairy so i dont have yoghurts i have tablets? There bioglan gut flora there very good and natures best... there loads about.


Unfortunately, I am an atheist and cannot rely on a God to heal me. I do rely on my husband and a couple of good friends who will listen to me whine and comfort me when

I feel "shitty"--literally.

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U could rely on one. I understand that u don4 because a lot of bad things has happened to you so u don't trust. But what's really important is how we view a situation rest her than what the situation is, because our response to a situation is more important than the situation. It's good to have friends and a loving husband, ppl who care and u can whine to and cry on. Atheist or not, we all deserve rest and eternal peace from this torment call IBS


I do not know how you got the idea that the reason I do not believe in a God in Heaven is that "a lot of bad things have happened to me in my life." That is not the case. Being an atheist is a longtime belief system I arrived at for myself--not because of trauma. Also, I do have trust--just not that your God and "thoughts and prayers" will heal this

horrible IBS. I rely a lot on the FodMap diet, and it certainly has helped.


Don't worry I'm not trying to force u into any kind of religion or nothing, I'm just saying there's nothing wrong with having faith in something we can't see or understand. Usually ppl have reasons to come to the conclusion there is no God to them. Most times I hear its because bad stuff always happen or science says evolution happens blah blah blah blah, so on and so forth. So I was basically just swinging thoughts around seeing if it was truma or u just don't see anything after we die, ethier way where all not here to talk about religious stuff, where here because of bowel problems and to help one another with it. I am glad IBS is at least being takin a lot more serious now days, sadly tho a lot of doctors don't, and where left to suffer.

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I have chronic constipation. I have been to private consultant and had the tests done. There are two drugs that you can get on the NHS called Prucalopride and Linaclotide. They don't work like traditional laxatives, they work on the receptors in the stomach. I don’t know if you are in the UK, but if you are They should give it to you if nothing else works. It is on the NICE guidelines and you should say this to your doctor. What I take now is about 600 to 1000mg of magnesium citrate or oxide on an empty stomach before bed with lots of water. This works great, naturally and is effective. My colorectal consultant recommended it as well. Look up information on magnesium and constipation. If I don't take it I don't go.

There are other magnesium products for the colon that are excellent although more expensive but worth it. They are in order of my preference, Oxypowder, Aerobic Mag07 and Colosan. You can get them on Amazon or a place called the Finchley clinic. They are very helpful and you can call for advice. Hope this helps.


Pain control can be helped by co codomol. I use dispersible if I have a bout of pain and

cramps. I don't use if often but sometimes stress can bring on attack. This was recommended by pharmacists as a drug over ten years ago - but it was the one drug that really helped me. Colofac Is helpful as it only targets the muscles in your colon. If you are getting trapped wind it is unbelievably painful. With severe constipation with impacted poo -

a glycerine suppository can help. For the area round the anus anusol can help the painful swelling and inflammation. Lying on top of a duvet can help the pressure points when you are lying down. Hot baths are very helpful to relieve wind and relieve pain. If you can use a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel it might help. Soothing music can help you relax.

Aromatherapy oils in a vaporiser can be helpful too. The constipation might be helped if you eat tin prunes - stewed apple. Coconut oil help depression anxiety and your colon helping to heal it. You can buy it in supermarkets online. You can melt it in a microwave with some water. Olive oil is high in calories and can help your gut and ward off infections such as streptococcus and other bacteria and viruses. If you have faith - have faith in finding the right help which may well come from other people's experiences on this website.


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