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What stopped my IBS

I had IBS for five years, bloating and pains that moved around, never in the same place twice in a day ... all the food watching, is it this, is it that? Etc, total aggravation, anxiety, making it all worse. It cleared up when I stopped: getting double-shot coffees from Starbucks; stopped eating shit sliced bread; and by far the biggy, I stopped smoking.

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I suffer with colitis and I agree with what you say, I find certain foods cause my problems, it seems you have found out what triggers your problems. Well done. Hope things continue to improve for you

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Anxiety plays a massive part in this!! So does pastries& white bread!!


So glad stopping the coffee, sliced bread and smoking has worked for you - well done on giving up the smoking as I doubt that was easy (I am lucky as I've never been a smoker so never got hooked). I drink coffee but not much but do buy sliced grain wholemeal bread and have made my own as well and it doesn't seem to matter whether I eat homemade or shop brought.

It's the exclusion diet for me - that's my next step.

Hope you continue to feel better.


Bread is devils food stay away from eat if you can or at least minimise your intake - its certainly one of my triggers along with caffeine and spicy food.


Cutting out sliced pan (shop bought) bread has improved things for me too. I invested in a bread maker which produces delicious fresh bread. You know exactly what goes into your bread, it's easy to use. I slice and freeze the bread then use as I need it. I also eat sourdough (from bakeries, not supermarkets) which was recommended to me by my gastroenterologist (as well as plenty of probiotic yogurt, oats, and even suggested bircher muesli) as it is already partially fermented and less work for your own digestion. I have noticed a sustained improvement in my IBS symptoms, but I am fairly certain that anxiety/stress are most likely my biggest triggers.


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