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Daily loperamide ??

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Hello all!

So, my doctor recommended I take a daily loperamide to help with my IBS-D!

For the first week of taking this I felt great! Was having one firm bowel movement in the morning and absolutely no other symptoms throughout the day except wind!! Haha!! My anxiety disappeared and all was great!

This week I've noticed things are creeping back in! My stools are getting looser my tummy is gurgling my anxiety is back!!!!! my bowel movements are increasing per day too!!! I just want to feel like I did last week, it was amazing!!!!

I feel like my body has got used to the daily loperamide and going back to what it does best! before I go back to my doctor I was wondering if anyone else does this and noticed anything??

Huge thanks

Jo. Xx

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Yep I have this too being 17 and having tried everything it sucks, I’ve been taking Imodium daily for a good few years. I stopped taking them daily and only took them when needed for example, going out somewhere. This is because my ibs is triggered off by anxiety and stress. Have a convocation with your GP or you could try peppermint morphine or kaolin morphine (both available over counter and have a tiny minuscule amount of morphine in them, not enough to have any effect apart from cramp relieving and morphine bungs you up) I only use these when nessacery so the majority of the time when going out, I still have problems but it defo helps with the cramps. Hope this helped and hope you find a way to feel better.

K x

Hi ! are you still taking your digestive enzymes and prebiotics ?? if yes , did they work for you ?? i heard that sometimes digestive enzymes are the trigger themselves because you're adding more speed and motility to your " already hyper sensitive " bowel movements ?🤔

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Flik22 in reply to Eternity78

Hey! Sorry for late reply have been in hospital with my little boy 😰 Home now 👍 I did start on the prebiotic and digestive enzymes but didn't feel they agreed with me! So I stopped taking them and took the 1 loperamide a day!! I'm not this is helping or not to be honest either! Some days it blocks me up! So I stop taking it then I have a bad day so start taking again! Another circle I feel I am in!!!! But it has helped me cope loads over the past few days so I'm going to keep taking it!! Xx

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Eternity78 in reply to Flik22

Hello again ! Oh i'm so Sorry to hear your little boy was hospitalised 💔hope he's feeling better now 💐 can't imagine how hard to struggle with your condition and having to take care of your child at the same time 😳 Thankfully imodium ( Loperamide ) helped during these days !

I anticipated that the digestive enzymes will not agree with someone suffering from ibs /D , they will just speed things up in the digestive tract and we already suffer from fast transit time and motility !

Regarding this endless circle of being blocked up then taking a break from imodium then back to the dreaded D ..etc , yup I've been there and still struggling and most of us here say the same , one poster long time ago said that she takes only half a tablet of imodium daily for maintenence and stability instead of a whole tablet and it worked for her ..the problem is the only imodium available in my country is in the capsule version ..these can't be cut in half ..not sure if it's available in the U.K in a tablet form ..So may be try to take half daily " if you can find the tablet version" .. instead of a whole one to reduce this " block up " side effect .

Hope this technique works for you as it worked for her 🤗👍

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Flik22 in reply to Eternity78

Thanks for this reply! I will question with my doc about half a tablet, I'm in the uk and 2mg capsules are what we have! Xx

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Liz1234ty in reply to Flik22

Hi - I questioned my GP about this and he said that under recent guidelines the NHS cannot proscribe what is available over the counter so that I have to get Immodium 2mg capsules. Yet, he also proscribes me buscapan for spasms (NB - does not work!) and that is available over the counter so hope you have better luck than me.

Hi, I have built up quite a tolerance to loperamide over the years unfortunately. I have to take anywhere from 6-8 at a time. My MD has approved this dose believe it not. I do not take it every day but probably 3 times a week. It also takes several hours to to work for me so careful planning is required. Incredibly stressful!

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