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Maintaining Weight


I've lost almost 30lbs that I didn't want to lose, just from not eating much because of this IBS. Eating hurts, basically, and pain is a great deterrent.

I've been on a liquid & soft foods diet because regular food just doesn't pass through well and constipation makes my gut hurt worse. I've read in several different descriptions of IBS that "Defecation prompts relief of symptoms, which I think is kind of obvious, right? Especially with IBS-C. When you're constipated, it's a relief to have a bowel movement...duh. But I've noticed that even when my gut is totally empty of food, it still cramps up, and anything I ingest , even a small glass of juice, can start the weird gas and fluid gurgling and rumbling thing. But being constipated on top of it makes it so much worse.

So, I am thinking of trying the Boost Very High Calorie (VHC) shakes, which are 530 calories per. They are not cheap,and only available online so there's shipping too. I wonder if anyone here has tried them and what their experience with them was. Or if anyone has had to think about maintaining weight and what strategies they've used. I'm trying to get balanced nutrition ,as much as possible, and not just live on milkshakes and pudding. Don't want to give myself diabetes on top of everything else! Any info appreciated.

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Hi, as nobody else has answered, I thought I would write something. I think what you are suggesting would be a good idea. I did something similar about 10 years ago. I was loosing weight due to keep going to the loo and was trying to work out how not to go back to the loo after lunch. So I thought if I didn't eat food and just had a substantial drink, I might get away with it. So I had a think about what I could drink and came up with the idea of Slimfast, as it is supposed to be in place of a meal and had lot of vitamins and stuff in it. (I know it is supposed to be a slimming aid but it seemed to work for what I was trying to do at the time). It wasn't a perfect fix but I continued with it for about three years and did put my weight back on. I think one of the reasons I didn't have to rush back to the loo was because it had gum in it. So I would say give it a go.

Hi, I take either "Boost" (chocolate flavored) or "Ensure ". Several Doctors, even a Gastroenterologist tried to prescribe them for me, most insurance will pay for nutritional supplements..but I am on SSDI disability. So, I only have Medicare. Medicare won't pay for either, unless someone is on a feeding tube. I try to get whatever is on sale or have a coupon for..but it can get expensive..even the store brand. I am in the same boat. I have gone from 186lbs to 119lbs in a year..due to "cramping" and Chronic constipation. 😳 The constipation actually started as I got into my fifties, and when I was prescribed pain medications which are notorious for causing constipation. But when I was on pain meds..I could not feel any cramping and could eat anything I wanted. I decided to go off of them, as I got tired of constipation..and the "C" got worse.😕 I am still thinking that being on pain meds, destroyed my digestive I have never been the same. The Boost and Ensure were I thought to help me gain weight..I take two a day..but they have only ended up constipating me further (due to milk in them) now I have no idea what to do..I just want to gain weight and get my life back..but it is not I sit home alone on a Sunday (my "Senna-lax) day..miserable and back and forth to the bathroom. No way to live. Gastros only "more fiber" which only makes things worse for me. I wish I had more positive news, but I do know a lot of people who say they have more energy and gained with Ensure. Also, you mentioned having milkshakes and pudding, unfortunately, the thickness, milk content usually makes IBS, cramping (milk in them, dairy intolerance) and constipation worse. Have you tried Optibac Probiotic..can buy it online, will help with the gurgling, etc..Also try to eat small meals with sparking water..the sparkling water is better than tap water for constipation, and try to avoid dairy..Sorry I couldn't help more, but I'm in the same boat and can relate..

yeah I lost 10% of my body weight and friends are warning me to stop dieting. I'm not! I'm having trouble keeping it on.

I take Pepto-Pro which is a bodybuilders formula with whole spectrum amino acids. The whole spectrum is also in egg yokes, in gelatine and in bone broth. For energy I eat full fat cream, chocolate, white flour cake, cacao, bonbons, cheese.

I stay away from sweet things though. No milk, no sugar. You are very right that blood sugar is not something to mess with.

I'm on a non-fibre, low residue diet for my ibs. Luckily the pain mostly stopped now that I'm no longer bloated.

Not having much to digest has given me more energy though. I hope you notice this in your situation too?

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