Fried food a culprit?

Can chips from pub lunch date to blame? Does anyone else find chips a problem? It could be the frying that irritated me? My stomach had some tight spasms a hour or so after ..and then quiet yesterday but paying the price last night and this morning..or could it be how the salmon I had with the chips was cooked? It was a bit greasy 🙄Waiting for meds to help and lots of mint tea etc 😳

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  • Fried food can cause symptoms I'm sure but it could be that the pub fryer doesn't only fry chips and could have had say batter or breadcrumbs in the oil or they could deep fry cheese!!

  • Fried food doesn't help, I was advised not to eat cold potatoes or rice, as they make wind! So maybe by the time you finished eating the chips they were luke warm?

  • Some chips (as I have reliably been told by a coeliac friend), have been coated in flour before being fried. I always ask now if I ever have chips (rarely).

  • People do this for crispy roast potatoes so ask if you ever have them too

  • Hello Sofamama, I am not a bit surprised by your expereince because the chips have probably been cooked in a polyunsaturated seed oil which when heated to a high temperature a number of times produces trans-fats which are dangerous to health. Some authorities even suggest that they are carcenogenic. You might like to read the article at:

    I NEVER eat fried food at a pub or restaurant for that very reason. If you like chips then cook them in dripping or lard. I hope that explains the cause of your problem; if you know the cause then you know how to treat it. Hippocrates said "let food be your medicine".


  • hi Sofamama ive been trying a new approach x for the past 2 weeks i have not eaten any fried food and i must say there seems to be a difference as to how often I have flare ups with IBS

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