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More than one antispasmodic med

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Is it normal to be put on 2 different antispasmodic meds at the same time? I've been on Mebeverine for about a month and I don't feel any benefit so I say my GP today and told him the constant pain isn't easing at all, so he's put me on Alverine too! He told me to keep taking the Mebeverine as well? I just hope they work, I'm so pissed off and worn down by the constant pain 😟 paracetamol don't help either.

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Ive only really had mebeverine that works for me if im having an attack.

I have tried other things fibregel drinks, aloe vera, peppermint oil, probiotics, multivitamins.

Unfortunately theres no wonder pill for IBS and no cure, having had it since i was 18, now 24 years later i can live with it a little easier.

If your newly diagnosed as having IBS i would say the most important thing to do is to keep a food, drink, hormones and mood diary.

I started seeing how i felt with food/drink/stresses /hormones. You may start to see patterns in some things your eating if you always feel bad after having them or at certain times of the month/stresses. It could also just be a tiny thing in a meal that causes a reaction (corn or maize starch is a big one for me which is in most ready meals). Also yeast, dairy, some vegetables, greasy, spicy, some fruits, red meats - but everyones different and reacts to different things. I cook all my food from fresh so i know whats in it.

For so many years this affected my life, not eating out, not going out incase my stomach started. Needing to plan where i was going, to be close to a loo. Some days i wouldnt eat till i got home on a nightime so i was safely close to a loo. Some days i get 30 seconds notice of needing to go at best and other days i cant go for days.

But it can be done, ive had several years of managing my IBS mainly through my diet and mebeverine for tricky times of the month.

Relaxing and meditation helps too - the headspace app has 10 free sessions to try, which is good for a taster to see if its for you.

Sorry i dont think ive been much help, but the internet is a wonderful thing - loads more info to help you than all those years ago when i was diagnosed.

Good luck

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Thank you for your insight 👍 I'm just confused why he's put me on two different antispasmodic meds at same time all the time when you just take them when you have an episode?

When my GP put me on Mebeverine he told me that I had to take it regularly 3 times a day 20 mins before food for at least 1 month. However he also said that I could take buscopan as well as & when I felt I needed it. No problem taking the 2 together as they work slightly differently & buscopan is really like paracetamol for the gut!! I've never had Alverine though.

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Paulyp01 in reply to GrannyAnne

I don't understand why he's put me on another antispasmodic alongside it when I feel it hasn't helped?

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GrannyAnne in reply to Paulyp01

Possibly because it works in a different way. The only way to find out is to try it. If the new one works then perhaps stop the Mebeverine & see how things go then.

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