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Amatriptalyn Withdrawal

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Hi there

I've been on 30mg amatriptalyn for 5 years for vulvodynia.

As I still have all the unpleasant symptoms, I've decided to come off the medication.

To be honest, I never really looked into the side effects, but since starting to come off I've been horrified!

I'm down to 10mg after 3 weeks, and I a little frightened to take the next step.

Does anyone have any experience of this?

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Hi Beaumaris, are you coming off with your gps help, or doing it yourself?

It's a big step either way, I would think a gentle weaning off at this stage would be best. It might take a little more time but I'd say it's worth doing slowly. Well done for what you've already achieved.


Hi, I’m trying to wean off this drug as well. Take it really slowly and buy a pill cutter from a pharmacy which means you can reduce by half a pill more easily. After each minor reduction stay on that dose for three to four weeks to let your body stabilise before another small reduction. I’m on 10mg 5mg 5mg 10mg at the moment and taking small steps. I will prob go to 5mg every day in a week or so. Good luck and it can be done without feeling too bad if you take it really slowly. (At least six months) xx

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Beaumaris in reply to Angie51B

Thx v much. I had no idea and dropped far to fast. Frightening how awful it's been, my GP didn't really explain!

I’m trying to do his as well but finding it really tough. I’m down to 15 mg from 20. Was down to 10 but was feeling awful, so feel I need to go to 12.5 first.

Hello. Just wanted to send some encouragement. Both my husband and daughter have come off this drug. Too quickly both of them .The side effects sounded awful and they really struggled. There is light at the end of the tunnel. They kept going on about brain zaps which they both had which I know my daughter particularly struggled with . All I can say is well done. xxxxx

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