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Found my G.I. salvation!! :)


I'm going out on a limb here but feel as though anyone who suffers the way I did should have this! I have suffered from the worst intestinal and gi issues FOREVER! All the usual...diarrhea, constipation, gas that can't pass, bloating, discomfort, indigestion...ALL OF IT! I tried removing the usual suspects (dairy, fat, sweets, fizzy drinks like seltzer water). Nothing really worked. BUT - - - I am thrilled with a new probiotic and magnesium supplement that turned it around! It may have been a yeast overgrowth all along. I'll probably never know, but I don't care because I feel like I have my quality of life back (Yes -- I knew where every public restroom was between Point A and Point B, AND, I knew where all the restaurants were with understanding staff members who understood the look of distress on my face when I went running in to ask to use the bathroom.) Anyway, if you're sick of being sick, too, please let me know. I wish I had found these 2 products years ago! :)

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Hi. I’m intrigued by your story and what you’ve discovered. Like you I’m struggling so much with my gut and not much is helping. Are you able to share what worked for you?



It would great if you published the details of what you're using on here, I'm sure we'd all love to know!


Im with u a good magnesium supplement ( any high dose one) and a good gut flora( probiotic) tablet has sorted my ibs c out to.

I tend to change mine as was told by gastro ur gut can get used to it.

I use bioglan gut flora at mo and natures best mag tablets but i will change the probiotic again soon.

Just make sure there high strength.

Also a peppermint oil capsule and digestive enzyme before u eat really helps

I love peppermint too — but it can bring on hot flashes 😓. But it seems to be helpful to some people with GI issues

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