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Ringworm ?



I’ve attached a pic of typical ring worm - it’s usually red/pink circles with a lighter pink or silvery middle . It itches a lot . It’s very rare to to see it on a finger ( if it were in the webs of your fingers then possibly ). However , if you have more than these I’d see your doctor as there are some nastier infections which present like a blood blister . The rash for scabies is a possibility , it can present in many ways usually in the crevices under your arms /legs and in the webs of your fingers . The spots are usually smaller than that but it might be the primary spot . You can treat your body and paying partial attention to those crevices but all over ( in adults rarely above the neck so no need to treat head or scalp ) with a cream called Lyckear, it won’t hatm you in any way so I’d treat that now . Anyway , let me know how you get on , here’s typical ringworm , currently treated with Daktarin and oral terbinafine

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