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Do I need a gpto diagnose me ?


Whist talking to someone about the pain I suffer with my damaged nerves on my back from top to bottom, I let it slip about my very embarrassing toilet problem, and she said ‘have I got IBS ?. I know that I had it many many years ago but forgot about it as I haven’t had any problems for 12+ years, and at the time I only suffered pain., do opted for copramin ? I think it’s called.

Do I need a go to diagnose me to get help? And can they help?

My symptoms are very different, but going and saying it out load is scary, and I’m not sure I’m strong enough to do it without breaking (if only they had a back door to escape from).

Thanks for understanding

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Yes,only a doctor can diagnose IBS. I wouldn't say there are cures, or even very good treatments, but there are things that can provide improvement, if it is IBS. The things I am aware of are the FODMAP diet, peppermint pills,Immodium (if it is IBS d) and probiotics. You should see a gastroenterologist. This is a pretty common problem, so it may help you to feel less embarrassed.

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Thank you I have never found the courage to own up to my ins problems but right now I’m afraid to even leave the house I’m that constipated.

Kind regards


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I think you might feel better if you owned up to the intestinal problems. At least you would feel better mentally. It is also possible that if you were less awkward in talking about it you could seek help and then may feel improved. I understand that it is embarrassing talking about these things. I felt the same when I first started seeing a gastroenterologist, but gradually the embarrassment wore off. For him it is just routine. All he does every day is deal with peoples bathroom issues and he has said that for him it is just the same as a doctor who deals with any other type of issue. Good luck. xx

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Thanks for the gentle push, I will make an appointment today to see my GP

I’ll let you know what she says( in about 2 weeks) x

Pollyanna there is a test for IBS now called IBSchek. Ask for it!! The doctors seem to be completely at sea regarding IBS. we have to help ourselves. If you have IBS D try the FODMAP way of eating and read the book it will tell you why at one time you can eat something and have no repecussions and at other times you get diarreah. Sorry i have just read you are constipated FODMAP wil, not help you. Keep looking. Good luck.

Hi the problem is I have both the golf balls and the water poos which exits me whenever it likes .... embarrassing

Sometimes I don’t know why but I Poo that much it blocks the toilet .. horrible

And to add to it I have a huge bloated belly but I rarely get cramps about once or twice a week that’s all.

The only thing I can think that causes it is my pain meds but I totally need them. Well I’ve written it down now so I think this will help.


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