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Exhausted trying


Does anyone else feel as if whatever they do with either medication, diet, coping strategies, psychology, that their symptoms happen and don't improve anyway.?

I feel like I can be strict with diet and eat exactly the same from day to day, and one day is fine and the next isn't, with no more stress, no change in medication. I'm finding things so difficult to cope with. Life is definitely not enjoyable it's a real struggle. And I know people will say try fodmap, tried it! Try this medication or that, go to doctors etc, tried it all to no avail. It really has ruined my life completely for 25 + years. Lost any friends I did have because people can't understand and get frustrated that I'm seemingly not trying. It really is a lot to take and not improving at all, nothing to look forward to but more of the same 😔

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Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry you have been suffering for so long. I am new to this diagnosis, but very grateful to finally have something to call this misery. Suffered for years afraid that a doctor would just tell me “ it’s my age, my weight, or think I’m just a whining women”. Finally I had had several attacks that resembled a heart attack, and fatigue that scared my family, so I went.

I truly do feel better now that I have changed my diet, yet I understand it doesn’t work for everyone. I hope you can find a way to make yourself more comfortable. There is certainly no magic pill to fix this, it’s hard work! I’m with you on that. 😉. Hang in there!

Glad to hear you are feeling better, I really wish that had worked for me, this has totally ruled and ruined my confidence and life for years, I can't remember feeling normal ever

There are a lot of posts about anxiety and stress. I’m going to look into those to find suggestions for relaxation or exercise. Have either helped you? I’m hopeful 😬

Neither has helped me but that's not to say they won't help you. I've had relaxation,mind techniques , pshyclogists, (last one said he had never met anyone like me, not in a good way) I was to tricky a customer to help, because I've been so badly damaged by it

Hey! Awww I'm with you here! I've tried food eliminations / diaries/ can't seem to see any triggers , I've had counselling, hypnotherapy, tried probiotics, prebiotics! I've had anti depressants / anti anxiety pills and I too feel that I'm exhausted trying different things! I'm sorry I can't help you, but just to let you know you're not alone, the doctors say oh yes it's just IBS and send us out the door not really realising the true impact it has on our daily lives! I have recently found out a friend of mine who too suffers from IBS so I've been lucky and able to chat To her about it! Especially on my bad days I find this comforting knowing i am not alone and that what I experience she does too! Shame we live so far apart really but it is good to talk about it! Just to let you know we're Here for you if you need to chat, this forum is great for advice! Xx

Thanks for the reply, and glad you have someone to talk to. Really not looking forward to any future being like this

Sorry I have no words of cheer. I have suffered for over 40 years, and in the last 3 years the pain has become ten times worse. No apparent reason . Have also tried everything - diets, food diaries, elimination diet, psychotherapy, CBT, Mindfulness, fodmap, pre and robotics. Now I am of advanced age and feel my quality of life will just continue to deteriorate.

I feel exactly the same, it's not a nice feeling is it

Once again, I will tell my tale of "woe," to you wonderful people: I had chronic diarrhea for years and could barely leave my house because I would mess myself! Finally had a doctor who prescribed a drug called "Welchol" for you. It stopped my diarrhea in it's tracks immediately! It was very expensive, though, so he put me on another drug called "Colestipol." Worked just as well! These 2 drugs are bile acid sequestrants and they both work wonders. They are also used in tow with statins and type II diabetes. I have neither of these conditions and am doing very well! Look them up! Give them a try, Terriblytired! I have a feeling you'll be OK...let us know, OK?

Thank you, I will ask at doctors

Hi Terriblytired, I have had IBS over 30 years now and feel much the same as you. I feel like I have tried everything now and have nothing else left to try. It keeps changing as the years go by, but never for the better. All we can do is try to take advantage if we feel a bit better and not beat ourselves up if we are unable to do things. Maureen.

I suppose that is all we can do, I wish I had something visible or treatable even if it was worse, just so I could see an end one way or the other

Yes, I can relate to that, it just seems endless. It would help if people could be kinder.

I agree with that, I've changed my opinion on some of the friends I had, they think I don't try or I'm making it up, why would I be like this if it wasn't how I was feeling.

No good asking me, I think all my friends headed for the hills years ago. But I just tell myself they weren't really friends and I'm better of without them.

Oh boy do I know how you feel Terriblytired. I have suffered with IBS for 24years, mine came on due to a head injury & the shock/stress it put my body through or should I say my brain through(well apparently). I am feeling exactly as you are right now, have tried multiple medications over the years, umpteen other therapies, counselling blah blah blah, I watch what I eat but like you cannot pinpoint any specific food triggers...it is absolutely exhausting, not just physically but mentally too. At present just getting to work for 3 days is an enormous task! Summer holidays are here and while most people are out & about having fun I'm inside as get too anxious & worried about flare up to go anywhere! Right now I cant even imagine ever being able to go abroad on holiday with my kids. I feel so out of control of my body & that infuriates me because there are so many things I want to do, so many places I want to see...and time is just tick, tick, ticking away and its so stupid....but no matter how many times I tell myself there is nothing to be anxious/stressed about my body doesnt wanna know.

Yeah exactly, it's like being in a loop, it doesn't matter how many times or what you do to get out of it, it just keeps going and causing no end of problems and frustration

Exactly, its like going around in circles, it makes me want to scream!! And we will never get the time back...and that makes me more stressed which makes the anxiety/worry/stress worse which in turn makes IBS worse! I know what you mean about friends too, people stop bothering & asking you to go out after you have cancelled umpteen times. People were going out from work last thursday & I had to decline as I was in so much pain but I could have cried as I used to be such a fun person and love going out for a drink & laugh. I feel like I am losing myself...I am just existing, not living.

I totally agree, I'm exactly the same, there is so much I want to do, do many opportunities, and I know exactly what you mean by people stop asking. I feel like I've let my parents down, who are both sadly gone now, it's all regrets, and thoughts of what I could have been like if it wasn't for this evil ibs

Oh no, thats awful, so sorry to hear you lost your parents. Thats what I worry about, I am so lucky to have my parents here & they are wonderful, I love spending time with them but IBS stops me doing so much with them, I know like you I will regret the missed opportunities. Its such a dismissed condition by doctors & health professionals but it really does ruin lives x

Yeah there is so much regret due to this stopping me living my life. I don't feel I can ever have a family of my own because of it aswell, and I'm nearly 40 and going nowhere doing nothing with no chance of a family or any prospects, feels very depressing

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