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Just worried about this


Do any of you go through spells (for days at a time) where you have 'light' cramping (don't know what else to call it) off and on through the day??? Its just enough so that I am constantly reminded that 'its there'.... Same thing with bloating (with the cramping). Just off and on through the day. I AM grateful that none of it is really severe and don't mean to sound 'whiney'.... but this just worries me. Is this common? My bowels also seem to be getting 'sluggish'...it's 'right there' but have a dickens of a time pushing it out and sometimes need to manually extract it. :( Thank you all for your responses. I really will appreciate it.

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FROM BETTY: Forgot to add that I have had IBS problems off and on for almost 20 years... just nothing quite like this. (Thanks!)

Hello Betty30, Yes! I'm getting this at the moment,I had a day of frequent bowel movements and trapped wind yesterday, and it feels like mostly it's gone back to normal today,but not quite,getting a few spasms all day today. I went out for a meal with friends on Friday evening, thought I'd chosen the friendliest food but it still got me! Haha! I am relatively new to ibs, so I'm never sure what stuff is going to happen next. I'm also lactose intolerant and sensitive to oats. Have anxiety too.Hope you're feeling better soon.

Yep! Sounds exactly the same symptoms as I have.Really gets you down :-( I have, at last , seen a doctor that actually examined me (woo hoo) and booked me in for a CT scan.She thinks it might be diverticulitis. She prescribed Laxido sachets (2 twice a day) and Bisododyl at bedtime. It's working a treat for me and am no longer having to 'help' my poo out. I was having really bad constipation,being sick and really bad trapped wind. I've tried everything in the book (magnesium,fodmap,charcoal etc etc) but these Laxido are brilliant and unlike other laxative sachets (fibrogel etc) they do not cause wind and gas build build up! Anyway I will know more about the goings on of my innards after the CT scan. You take care Betty and thank you for your post, as sometimes we feel we are alone with this nightmare x

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