Worried about a Colononography.

Hi All, I haven't put a post on here in a while,but having been in a discussion with another member, I'm getting a bit worried,or more to the point very worried.

On Friday I'm due to have a Colonography CT scan,and two days before I've been given a diet to start,and on Thursday I have to take 50ml Gastrografin before breakfast,and my last meal of the day to finish at 4-00pm,as to when I take another 50ml.

I have googled the Gastrografin and the do's and donts on the test itself,everything I've googled has been on different NHS Hostpitals around the UK,but they all seem to vary.

It states you should not take Gastrografin if you have Cardiovascular problems,which I have,and if you take beta blockers which I do. It also states it's a very excessive laxative .

Now I'm getting really worried about this test,.   Can anyone who has had a COLONOGRAPHY  CT SCAN give me any advise,it would sincerely be appreciated .

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  • I always find that advice at NHS hospitals varies from one to the other, it can get very confusing at times.

    I can understand why you're worried, you really need to phone them to tell them your concerns. We all know how short-staffed the NHS are, they're really busy & it would be easy for them to overlook something like that so I think it's perfectly reasonable to phone them about it. 

  • Thank you I will.

  • I had w one last year. I also had Gastrografin. All laxatives taken before a procedure to see the bowel are "extreme" - that just means they clear you out! It was no better or worse than I had read on this site from others who have undergone the clearout. I took a book and my knitting into the bathroom and stayed there until the worst was over! I can't comment on the heart issue or the beta blockers because I have no idea - but I would phone the hospital and ask them. The actual procedure was fine - don't worry about it at all.

  • Hi binks,Thanks for that,I'm not worried to much about the prep,they've never bothered me before,it was just that it contained iodine in it that's a bit worrying,but I'm still trying to get through to the Hostpital .

  • Binks I never thought to ask you, did it solve your problem?

    Also,I can't eat after 4-00pm the day before,but can you drink clear water?

  • It solved the problem in that they told me there was nothing wrong - apart from a small amount of diverticular disease. But the struggle with IBS still goes on....

    I think you can drink clear water until a couple of hours before the procedure - but check that because my memory is terrible.

  • Hi Gemini,  have you had any luck with the info you need?

  • Yes I finally got through,everything's fine,she said they can still do it without the Buscupan.     One question I never thought to ask,  I can't eat after 4-00pm the day before but is it ok to drink clear water just so I'm hydrated?

  • Hi I had a different bowel prep to the one you stated and was worried what I read online but found it wasn't that bad at all. I did speak to the staff beforehand about what you could do/don't, meds and what to eat etc and found them very helpful so try calling them. I had a couple of mild-moderate stomach cramps on it but I was getting them anyway hence investigations.

  • To have tests like these the bowel has to be clear and so when taking the drug don't leave home 

    I had a gastroscopy before which I had to have a plain diet for a week, cornflakes, chicken, fish, boiled potatoes, white bread and marmalade with no peel in.  The 'clear-out' drug was a liquid I had to drink in a 3 hour period - it had to be diluted with water and lemon squash added - I think it worked out at about 3/4 pints

    If you are concerned contact the hospital or your doctor but I'm sure they've taken your medical history into account

    If the bowel is not cleared sufficiently then the results will not be clear and you may have to have it done again

  • Thank you I am trying to contact the Hostpital .

  • Ring the dept where you are to have the procedure and ask them. Ive found that when ive had questions it is more helpful than google.

  • Thank you your probably right.

  • Perhaps as you have cardiovascular problems, it would be a good idea to ring and speak to the nurse at the British Heart Foundation for clarification re.the prep/betablockers etc.  I can't comment on the prep, except to say that I had a truly ghastly experience with colonscopy and they had to abandon the procedure. A few weeks later I had a colonography and the actual procedure was an entire piece of cake compared with colonoscopy.  I'm afraid the laxatives ARE very fierce in order to clean the bowel completely, but I must say I felt incredibly well afterwards for the purge!  The prep for these procedures is very trying but at least one is on the road to results as the camera never lies!  Good luck.

  • Thanks,I had a colonoscopy which I said I would never have another, hence the Colonography ,I'm trying to get through to the Hostpital but no joy yet.

  • Hello, I had one last year. I have some medical issues & I rang the the Dept which you should have a contact number on your Apt letter. Ask to speak to a Radiographer or a Nurse & not the Receptioinist who answers the phone.

    Yes the Prep is yuck but is needed for the test. The complete prep does tie you to the toilet, the only thing the Hospital don't provide you with is Soft Toilet Rolls!!!

    Not the most comfortable of Procedures it's the 'gas' which I found the most difficult to cope with. Everyone is individual & reacts differently, but I'm sure we all worry it's only nature to. Just stop googling  & making things worse for your worries. Try & I say try to relax by occupying yourself with other things.

    Take care & I hope you get everything goes ok for you.


  • Hi Gemini71.

    I explained to you yesterday what I went through in preparation to my CT colonography with contrast and honestly before I was given the picolax powder to take at home the nurse sat with me and went through everything and the contraindications etc.. To check if I would have issues with it and the morning of the procedure before I was given the gastrografin they did the same. And I had to sign some papers before I took the diluted solution of gastrografin. 

    I found a link online that might be useful to you. It explains what it is and what it could cause issues with. In my case gastrografin was used to drink before the procedure just cause it had iodine and it was going to help them see my insides. I was still meant to take the dye solution intravenously during the procedure but as I explained before they got no access to my vein after 4 attempts and we had to drop that . The gastrografin helped from the inside for them to see better and the picolax helped by clearing the bowels entirely. 

    My sincere advice to you is please contact them before you take the gastrografin as other members mentioned speak to a nurse or a radiologist or someone in the know to see if it would cause issues with your cardiovascular situation and taking the beta blockers. You don't want to make matters worse. It might have been an oversight from them. Or they might reassure you and say it's fine go ahead .

    I usually go to drugs.com and type in the medicine name and it explains a lot then at the end there is a drug interactions area that you type in the name and it helps you understand better wether it would cause issues or not .

    Wishing you all the best .

  • Thank you to you all for your replys. I've finally got through to the department and they say nothing to worry about,so I'm feeling a bit more relaxed .

  • I have cardiovascular issues but the only mention of it was re the Buscopan which I couldn't have. 

  • Yes Buffafly I'm not having the Buscupan. Thank you for replying.

  • Rooting for you!! I know it will all turn out well!! You will see!! Big hugs!!

  • Arhh, Thanks Betty, I'll be glad when it's over it's all I've got on my mind,but who knows just may sort my problem out. I can't take much more pain.

  • HI

    I HAD ONE YEARS AGO, TRIGGERED MY IBS FOR A FEW DAYS.CANT SAY ABOUT BETA BLOCKERS ETC.  a relative hd on e and was much better digestion wise after it. said it was like a having your sink unblocked of c..p

    the procedure was the easy part.

    all the best


  • I had an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy many years ago now and had no problems. I took time off work for a couple of days beforehand so I could be near a toilet but really didn't have any problems. Best of luck with yours and hope all goes well and you get sorted.

    Take care


  • Thank you so much,fingers crossed,I hope so.

  • I really hope you do get sorted.  I'm waiting for results to see if I have Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria in the gut, and if so it will be treated with antibiotics.  An American Doctor put a post on here around 2 1/2 weeks ago and said that since she discovered she had the bacteria and took the antibiotics she now longer suffers.   Here's keeping our fingers crossed for all - it's an awful illness.

    Really hope all goes well for you.


  • I hope so too,I've been suffering chronic pain for far to long now.

    I've started the diet today,but it don't give me a lot of choice,and tomorrow will be even less,roll on Friday lets get it done.  Thank you.

  • Well,today I've took the prep,done as I was told,had no food since 1-30. Just drank water so I don't dehydrate,and my stomach cramps are killing me,also after spending most the day on the loo,I've got Piles. Not feeling to good at all.

  • Hi Gemini71 ,

    If I remember correctly your procedure was meant to be today. 

    Just checking in on to to see how it went . 

    Hope all went well . 

  • Thank you so much for remembering.  I never had the Buscupan,but it went quite well,of course I don't know the results yet.   When I got home going almost 24hrs without food,I felt a bit weak,but after a nice cup of tea and toast and a nap,back to my usual painful self.  When I get the results I'll let you know.  But thank you.

  • You are most welcome. 

    I never got notified of your answer was just checking on you now by mere chance. 

    Hopefully you get your results soon and you get some relief.

    Please keep us posted and let's hope it all works well for you .

    Best of luck. 

  • Yes Lamloum,It would be nice if they found the answer to my pain. I don't want to sound like a negative person,but I have had so many tests over the years,(not this one) with no answers,that it makes me feel a bit negative,but who knows this just may be the answer.

    Thank you once again for your help and concern.x

  • I know what you mean totally . Done this test and tons more . And still did not get answers but at least it ruled out some stuff .

    If not look into SIBO and Fructose malabsorption . It won't show on these tests but it would on hydrogeb breath tests . Not very popular in the UK  yet but getting there . 

    Awaiting your good news fingers crossed . 😊

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