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Was just told by Hematologist that Folic Acid Supplements help with digestion, Anemia, IBS, constipation, lethargy, help depression & mood.


Wow..did not know this. I just had CMT blood work done, and was told very anemic. Was put on prescribed Folic Acid Supplement 1g (1000mcg)..have only been on it for a little over a week, but have noticed my skin looks better, nails not as brittle, not so cold all the time, less hair in my brush after brushing, less bleeding on gums. It does not cause constipation, but it is supposed to help with digestive disorders, and build enzymes to better digest food. Has only been a week, but really wanting it to help it with IBS-C. Said she wanted to supplement it with Iron supplements, but I said no..Iron causes constipation. She is going to have me back in 2 weeks to follow up, and maybe B12 shots instead. Is anyone on Folic acid supplements and have found it helps with digestion? Thanks for reading. 🐼☺

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Interesting, I’d like to know that too. By the way, have you been tested for coeliac as dome of those things seem yo overlap?

Eliana5 in reply to Ukbusybee

No, as I am so overwhelmed with Medical bills..from every other type of testing. However, I do try to avoid Gluten. Thanks☺

Maureen1958 in reply to Eliana5

Hi Eliana, just wanted to say that Amazon sell a test kit for coeliac decease for about $30. I think you're from the US aren't you. If you are from the UK, Amazon UK sell quite a number of test kits reasonably priced. Just a thought. Maureen.

Eliana5 in reply to Maureen1958

Thanks, will definitely look into it. 👍☺💐

Hi, thank you for sharing that's really interesting. I've had IBS for 22 years now so will look at Folic Acid.


How strange to read this?

I got called into the dr last week as my bloods showed i had a kidney function problem and i was also deficient in something

So had to have another test to see what the deficiency is? Dr did mention she thought a B vitmain or folic acid( at my age??44) .

Also said the kidney function could b down to the deficiency so im waiting to see what it is....

The interesting thing is i have all of a sudden about a year ago started to get a bad hip and IBS SYMPTOMS from nowhere???

watch this space

Eliana5 in reply to Lulububs

Let me know if you get it, and if it working for you..☺

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