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Mebevrine before bed???

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Hi does anyone know if you take mebevrine before bed would it stop cramps in the early hours??

My ibs happens in the morning. Between 4/4.30 like clockwork I get cramps and wind which wakes me up. I tend to toss and turn for a while and usually then get up around 5 for a bm which mostly is D but relieves the cramps at least. I was prescribed mebevrine but it's awkward because to know when to take it as a bm usually relieves it.

Just wondering if anyone knows if I take the mebevrine before bed will it still be working come morning? My instinct says not but I'm soo tired of this! Tia

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Hi pajohns

Mebeverine is taken 1/5 an hour to an hour before meals so you could take it before your early am toilet requirements and breakfast. Hope it helpsX

I was put on mebeverine 1fifteen minutes before breakfast and fifteen minutes before evening meal and it really helped me. Maybe if you took it 15 min before supper in the evening it would work in the early hours of morning 5am. Maybe. Ask chemist who gave you the tablets. Good luck with it mornings are bad for ibs .

I take mebeverin when I get up in the morning and before bed, which works for me, though it was prescribed for three times a day before meals.

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