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Feeling down and fed up


Fed up, just come away with hubby for a couple of days and suffering a horrendous flare up. Started a few hours after we arrived yesterday, don’t know what set it off, but not slept all night. Outcome is feel fit for nothing now, so hubby taken himself off out, not happy, so now feeling guilty as well. Never seem to have any good days lately, makes we not want to go anywhere. HAd all tests, “just” ibs. Tried everything but stress is the main culprit, so difficult to deal with. Sorry just needed a moan ☹️

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I've had "IBS" for 20 yrs and nothing can be done. Yes there are med's out there but they don't suit everyone. I've tried liquids and tablets. Its a lifestyle thing. I still haven't got it right. "Stress" is a huge factor and who can avoid that?? I've missed out on a hell of a lot of stuff because of it. All I can suggest is that you look at what you're eating and drinking and also how you're living. The ball is in your court, so they say. Good luck and if you need anything, give me a shout.

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Thanks, I’m being very careful what I’m eating, and just drinking water, hoping tomorrow I’ll feel well enough to get out and enjoy the day

What about a wellbeing app to help with stress-my daughter tried one as stress is one of the factors for her flare ups - says it does help. Also change in eating patterns/ times do not seem help. Have seen a pattern as when ever on hols from college and eating at different times this causes discomfort. Hope you do manage to enjoy some off your break . Wish you better


You moan away does us all good

Think you have to take the good days with the bad-especially when you go away anxiety sets in.

I have been on a few weekends that have been great-and others that have been not so good.

I am going on a French river cruise soon so I will make sure I have all my pills and potions which eases the anxiety and having a loo very close by in your cabin also helps you feel more relaxed. So please don't give up. Has your hubby accepted your IBS? If not please sit down and talk it through with him. I have talked to my hubby who is now very supportive as he understands what's going on. Good Luck and take care.

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