So fed up

So after having a few weeks of things going well and normal bowel movements today I have had a bad stomach all afternoon! Literally one of those days where you actually wonder if you have a stomach bug! Does anyone else have it when it gets that bad? How do you even tell or is it a case of just keep waiting and hoping it isn’t a bug and then when you don’t go for a few hours you have that relief that maybe it was just an ibs flare up.

I have literally had enough, I should have been working tonight but as been like 5 times I have emailed in to say not well :( I hope it isn’t a bug

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  • Are you keeping a food diary to see what is triggering it? Other triggers could be a bug, stress, hormones etc x

  • Yeah I did a food diary for 6 months. Some things came up but then sometimes one food was ok and another time it wasn’t. I know stress was a major cause before but most of that has gone now. I did get a bit frustrated yesterday so I guess it could have been that x

  • IBS is generally down to poor gut health. Start taking a low dose probiotic then buildup the strength. Would also recommend a digestive enzyme before main meals and peppermint oil after. A good multivitamin and magnesium spray. Have a read up on candida overgrowth and see if your symptoms match - it's worth getting a stool analysis to see what's happening. X

  • Thank you I will try the peppermint. I already have probiotic every day in the evening before I go to bed. Will give that a search on line, thank you

  • I get this all the time... one day ill be fine and the next day my stomach feels all upside down and like I'm unwell... even though I'm not. You can tell when your stomach is just basically hating you to when your sick it's a different feeling throughout your whole body when your sick... it is horrible you think your doing good and you feel terrible again and I struggle to eat on good days never mind flare up days...

    I bought these accupunture braclets online... you can decorate them so they don't look like sickness bands and they help stop me feeling too over the top naousous on days I'm flaring up....

    Hope you feel better

  • It’s so so frustrating isn’t it. As a result yesterday I didn’t eat much at all. And woke up this morning and bang still mini flare up! I know it’s a bit of a viscous circle if I don’t eat but really didn’t feel up to it yesterday at all. Even had metocloporamide as I felt sick. It can be a nightmare sometimes

  • I am now wondering if it is a bug after all but didn’t go from 5pm yesterday but this morning I have been 3 times already 😔 and now it’s watery ugh

  • It is frustrating... I'm really underweight because i struggle to eat due to how I feel.. I want to eat I just can't and so limited to what doesn't make me feel extremely ill... I hate it. Like today I was alright when I first got up now as the mornings gone on my stomach hurts I feel so queasy... it's never ending... if you ever find anything that helps let me know 🙂

  • Metocloporamide helps for the nausea, it’s an anti sickness tablet which I got on prescription from the dr. Worth asking for that for sure

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