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Taking Bentyl..alot less cramping..but more constipated? Is anyone on Bentyl and having this?


My Gastroenterologist has me on Bentyl 10mg 4x a day. I suffer from severe and chronic constipation. I have tried everything for it, fiber, lots of water, Linzess, Miralax, milk of Magnesia, Fiber Supplements. Just had colonoscopy..2 polyps..non-cancerous. But having alot of lower intestinal, abdominal cramping. I have also lost a lot of weight in the past year. Things are not looking good. My digestive system pretty much shut down on me after I went off opiods (was on them for 7 years from bad fall off horse at horse show, I always took lowest amount and as prescribed). I went off them cold turkey last April. Its now been a year, and I am even more constipated than I was on opiods. I know that the hernias and cramping are from the Senna that I take every weekend, but it's the only thing that works for me. Not even enemas (unless given by a hospital) or suppositories work. I am sure I am hurting my intestines by being on Senna, but I hear of people who take Senna every other day or Miralax every day, where I am only once a week, so I don't know. I only take the recommended amount on the box. Its the only thing that works. Gastro wants me off of it, and on fiber and stool softeners which do not work. Bentyl has been nothing short of a Miracle. I still sometimes have a little pain and cramping, but nothing like before. The only thing now, is that I can't go at all. Before I could go may be once a week, although only pellets, but still better than nothing. I asked him for something else. He said not until I get off Senna-Lax, he won't prescribe anything else to me. I am at a loss of what to do. Is anyone on Bentyl for spasms and cramping? Have you noticed constipation? Thanks for reading.

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Hello, your struggle sounds similar to mine when I am having IBS-C. Recently I have met with an internal medicine doctor who recommended me to medical cannabis. Cannabis can be very helpful for GI issues and for stomach mobility. I would recommend looking into trying it if you can, tinctures would probably be most useful for you. wish you the best!

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Thanks for the suggestions. Medical marijuana was just approved in Ohio..but it is still expensive, I need a Doctor's note, don't have transportation, and have no idea where to go. Not sure if getting high would solve severe constipation issues. As far as tinctures, we can't have Alcohol where I live, I just did some research on it, and I believe it's made from Alcohol and it sounds a bit complex to make. I live in an efficiency with little kitchen space in housing. Lots of rules and regulations here. Site said something about herbs being involved in Tinctures, and I take Senna which is already an herb, just two tablets and water, no fuss. No high, no alcohol, no preparation. Said something about Apple cider vinegar. Have tried this alone, but didn't help. Thank you for the tips though. Will share this with a friend who might be interested. ☺

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