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Saccharomyces boulardii

Been taking the above for about two weeks and I've been having an improvement of symptoms. Not sure if this is what's caused the improvement or if it's just coincidence. I've gone through improved patches before for no apparent reason so I'm not sure. I'm kinda hoping it's this though cos then I know if I keep it up I'll stay better.

Just thought I'd post my possible breakthrough. Let me know if anyone else has been on this and seen improvement.

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Hi PaJohns,

Which brand of SB are you taking.




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This is used to reduce Candida in the gut. I’d be really interested to know if this does help you longer term.


Can I ask which brand and where you buy it?



Yeh this strain of probiotic is good for candida as it it is good for yeast overgrowth.

If u have had alot of antibiotics or medication that killed all ur good gut bacteria ur good gut flora dies and u get a overgrowth of bad bacteria which can give u candida, i had this through anyibiotics and it was so bad then i noticed the pain and stomach problems started after i ate things like bread and yeasty things( beer).

So i stopped , went gluten free to and took bioglan and digestive enzymes and cut out sugar for 6 weeks and it all just went!!

1 year down line i still feel good!


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