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Hello all, new here and desperate for help. Been battling horrible GI issues for 4 months, every test imganable and told I have post infectious IBS. Thought I was turning the corner, felt great last week then bam it came roaring back this week. Anyone else know if that is how it goes? Also, been concerned over having a bunch of yellow stool. Anyone else have that issue as well. I had my gallbladder removed over 10 years ago (FYI)

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Can i just ask if u have been on antibiotics lately?


Not since december


I just ask coz the yellow poo thing and the ibs that there sometimes not all time....

I have ibs that was brought on by antibiotics...

I always had a bit of ibs then i had these really strong antibiotics and they messed me up really badly. I was yellow pooing, one min i was ok then not.

I went to a gastroentologist who sent me to alergist/ nutriotionalist and i had something called candida overgrowth brought on by antibiotics.....

He told me what i had to do to kill it and get better and i did it for 8 weeks and i got better.

I did also find out i was cowsmilk and gluten i tolerant so gave them up to.

Literally within two weeks the poo went back to normal and my stomach started to feel almost normal.


lulu canyou say what you did to get rid of it please


I went no sugar, no yeast( no bread, no beer) just looked at all packets made sure low sugar and no yeast. I literally made all my own foods

I took probiotics, digestive enzymes and something called DIDA! From

Holland and barratt

Main thing is no sugar and yeast as it what the candida / sibo lives on so u have to starve it.

After a week i could actually see it coming out in my poop, it was disgusting...

But after 6 weeks it had gone ..

I still take all the supplements just to make sure gut stay healthy. Never went back to eating yeast or breads .

Pretty much gave up sugar still to.

It was awful never felt so ill


thanks you lulubub


what did you do for candida?


Well they expained that antibiotics kill infections but they also kill all ur good gut bacteria to so u have to replenish it.

No sugar or yeast as this feeds candida/sibo. Clean eating.

Also a good probiotic x2 a day. A good digestive enzyme so u can take in food( that what yellow poo is) it just ur gut not being able to digest.

I did that for 6 weeks best thing i ever did.

I have stuck to it really. Not much sugar anymore. Cut out bread totally. I just dont like it now...

i went dairy and gluten free and i been free of ibs symptoms 8 months


What tests you had ?

If you have no gallbladder have you been taking certain supplements to compensate for not having a gallbladder ?

If not look at finding a practitioner who can put you on a plan that suites your body.

Some need supplements like lipase enzymes to digest/absorb healthy fats.

If you had food poisoning before getting pi ibs symptoms, then other tests may be useful.

If you want any links just say.


I had my blocked gallbladder removed 9 yrs ago and have been told my bile duct will function as normal and no tablets needed. I have had severe digestive/metabolic/weight gain problems for 20+ yrs, which are only partly resolved. I had not considered that my recently diagnosed gluten and lactose intolerance might be connected with no gall bladder? It is an idea worth investigating.


Hi clare nhs do not believe we have any problems once a gallbladder is removed, as it serves no purpose.

Unfortunately it does. Some do go on living a normal life. But others do not. Iv been in loads of forums full of people worse off after gallbladder removal. (With infections like candida, h.pylori, heart problems, strokes, thyroid problems, skin rashes, extremely dry skin etc

Some out of nowhere can not even finish a meal & get a urge to go loo. Some don't make it in time.

That can be from fats going straight through them etc.

Alot actually need lipase enzymes for life to help digest/absorb healthy fats.

Yellow stool can be from alot of different root causes from Celica disease to food moving though digestive system to fast. Or food intolerances or lack of bile, stress, diet, parasites and more.

Ones with chronic diarrhoea can go up to 10 times a day to the loo if they get bam/bad.(with or without a gallbladder) And will need medication from a gp if they have it.

Some after removal find lipase enzymes help, some find supplements like bitters or ox bile or vit d3 help.

As it all depends on the persons own root causes for their symptoms. A qualified practitioner who understands the importance of the gallbladder would be best to see. If you have ibs lable, a good practitioner should also cover real root causes for ibs to.

A good practitioner can help with supplements/diet so the person can live a normal life.

Seperate to all that... lactose intolerance is just an enzyme deficiency.

So the person is missing the lactase enzymes. That others have.

Its not really an intolerance.

Lactose free milk is just normal cows milk, they then just add the lactase enzymes. Which digest the lactose leaving the milk 99.9% lactose free.

Alot find they are intolerant to actual cows milk or cheese or butter. Or all.

Then there the a1 protein in milk that some can't have so a2 is sold now.

Cow products are not good to eat anyway, goats is better.

Alot of intolerance testers find most are intolerant to cow products. Like i was. Intolerances to cows milk and cows cheese but not lactose lol.

I just have goats products anyway & my all in one digestive enzymes contains lactase anyway.

Gluten intolerance ?. As in celiac disease ? Or you was just told you shouldn't eat it even though not celiac.

If you have Celiac disease you will have leaky gut. Theres 4 steps to heal leaky gut & of course, one can never eat gluten again.

Then there is the real root causes for your gallbladder removal. (And removal never really fixes the root cause)

Hormone problems can cause it, underlying infections, poor diet, food intolerances etc.

Gallbladder removal can also cause vit deficiencies, or thyroid problems, digestive problems etc

Low stomach acid can lead to a infection etc to.

If you do have any other illnesses etc, you need to be careful with supplements as some cant be taken if one has other certain things wrong.

A good practitioner would be able to look back at your history and see may have caused what. Abd what obe needs to heal


mri, ct, 2ultrasounds, small bowel mri, stool tests, every lab imaginable, colonoscopy, upper endoscopy. Never had any confirmed food poisoning I will say I had a heavy week of beer drinking the week before I got sick but woke up on a Saturday, went for a jog and then mid day had upper GI pain hit me. Just progressively got worse from there and has been going on for 4 months. The last 2 weeks I felt like I was turning the corner then the beginning of last week it came roaring back


Beer!!!! Yeast.....

Mine came on after i had been drinking beer and bread!!!

When do u find it worse?

Mine was always after beer or bread or pizza all stuff that yeasty and doughy and just bloats u.

If u have no gallbladder u should b taking supplements to break down fatty foods as ur gallbladder does that....

So u need digestive enzymes and strong ones, some probiotics will help to.

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this all came on after a heavy week of drinking beer. Go better but after drinking beer it flares up silly. I mentioned Candida to my GI doc and he brushed it off


Yeh some dont recognise it lucky mine is young and is into different therapies and different things, she recognises there are other things that it could b not just a illness ... she hit my problem straight away.

I kinda knew i had prob with bread and she hit on it straight away with all the antibiotics i have taken.

Unfortunately i have got rid of the candida and pain but it has given me ibs so i still cant eat bread and yeast and gluten and dairy but as long as i stay away from it i wont have problem.


I take a brill probiotic which is meant to be good for yeast and I've seen an improvement in my symptoms. It's called Saccharomyces boulardii. Im not 100% this is what's caused my improvement but the only other thing I'm taking different is vit D.

It's a really easy one to take, it doesn't need to stay in the fridge (I forget to take those ones) and it's not stupid expensive.


Also to add, I'm pretty sure my ibs came on post-infectiously but I've had years of trouble on and off since. Make sure you get the help you need now and try some probiotics.


bonebroth is very good for gut issues andcheck out the GAPS diet



I had very similar issues and they lasted 2 years and I still have bouts—they are few and far between. Are you in the UK or ?

I am in the US and would be happy to share what’s worked for me and helped me turn the corner.


I am in the US. I will take any help I can get.


Here’s my number- I think I can help a bit— just so long to explain


I should be around after 1:00 Central time!


This could be my story, had a stomach bug with the rest of the family, theirs lasted 2 days mine was every day for 3 weeks then diarrhoea st least 3 times a week needing a whole pack of Imodium to stop it. Had lots of tests then saw the consultant who said it could be down to having no gallbladder even though I had mine out 10 years ago, could be the bile acid. He put me on Questran and I felt better immediately, still have one day a week where it is quite loose but definitely not diarrhoea.

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Ive got welchol. Would you have a lot of gurging, pain nausea? Esp at night?


Have you been checked recently for c. Difficile? It can show up as late as 10 weeks after antibiotics.

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Hi wueagle...... have you been tested dor bile acid malabsorption (BAM)? I sufferred for years with chronic diahorrea and yellow stools and was told post infectious ins until about 4monyhs ago. I had seen numerous gastrointestinal consultants over the years and kept getting told the same thing! And then i asked once again for a referral to another hospital where I was immediately referred for a sehcat scan.... It came back positive for BAM. Since then i take powdered medication daily and am totally fine! I am eating anything i want, including foods i never thought i would be able to!!!! BAM is also more common in people that have had their gallbladder removed so definitely worth exploring! Hope this post helps and best of luck in finding some answers!


Hello, I feel for your troubles. I too, once had post infection I.B.S, and there can be a light at the end of the tunnel for you. 1st thing is to try liquid imodium AD.("check with your doctor if it is ok to take, due to your gallbladder being removed- i am not a doctor")- I suggest a small teaspoon with 1 of your main meals per day to relief any diarea issues,then gradually take less imodium as time passes as you feel better. Another important thing that really helped me was drinking KEFIR, which is a liquid type cultured yogurt milk. It is a natural yogurt with high amounts of very much needed good bacterium you need to replace from infection and any antibiotics you may have taken. Kefir is much better than over the counter probiotic supplement pills, as it is a live culture and not a dormant powder in pill form. It can take awhile to replace your good bacteria so give it time and in weeks too months time you should be feeling better. Last thing is be careful with the imodium as too much can cause constipation and troubles with relieving yourself. As i said i started with a teaspoon with a meal per day but changed the frequancy as i felt i needed to, to go regularly. Maybe take some once to twice per week if your having troubles, and only you can find this out thru trial and error . I hope this helps you and anyone else who needs help with their I.B.S. issues .

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