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linzess 145

I take Linzess 145 everyday. Had bowel movements everyday also. Good bowel movements too. I have IBS and linzess has been good for me to use! But today l have not passed anything with this. Is this the normal thing from time to time?? Any help will be appreciated too! I have had every test....scope 2 1/2 ago....Ct Scan recently. Nothing there! I have drank tons of water too. Thanks for any help!

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I am kind of surprised that you are on the 145mg. I was under the impression that they used the 290 mg for IBS patients. Maybe you just need more. Although I am on the 290 and I can go four or five days and not go. So it is not really helping me that much.

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Thank you Mapleleaf17. I was but my doctor put me on meta mucel but it was giving me so much gas problems..:( She said just go back on the linzess. She was under the impression l was on the 290 also. But l did tell her l started back on the 145 because l had samples this time... But the new linzess 290 finally came in because l ran out of the 290. I will pick this up tomorrow. The 145 was doing great until today and seem to be milder on the stomach for me. Thank you so much for asking and letting me know what you experience from time to time. I do try to eat better and seems like when l do a little more eating things like this happen. Then l go hysterical and l don't know why because it has been something else with these bowel movements with IBS. l was so over joyed with the 145 working so good! Thanks Again Mapleleaf very much!


Dear Lynnett,

I am based in the UK and have never heard of Linzess 145 before.

Do you mind me asking how you found out about this product (i.e: via GP, gastro specialist,etc.)??

Also do you use it just to help regulate your bowel movements of for pain relief purposes?

I have been diagnosed with IBS, though mine is sometimes "mixed", I could say it has more of an inclination towards IBS-C type. However, in my case, the worst symptom is the mostly daily lower abdominal pain, which is incapacitating.

Thankful for your feedback/advice :-)


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