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Pain and feeling fed up 😒

Hi all I am New to this group.

I have been diagnosed with IBS a few years ago, but to be honest it's been on and off with pain for many more rear. 2years ago I started a new job and it's got worse, they have told me its is stress related and I was also diagnosed with M.E about 8years ago too. I have had blood tests and nothing bad showed up, only my sugar level had a little more rise than normal, but I have to keep an eye on that once a year. Back in August 17 I noticed a change in my bowel movements, I had diarrhoea for about 8 weeks and lost about 1stone in weight, so more blood tests, nothing came back from the doctor on that and it settled down. But I am still getting loose stools, pain and wind at least twice a week. I am so sick of this now I have tried changing my diet, it's slightly better but it's worrying me now. I am really sick of taking tablets to suppress the pain in my left hand side of my back. Does anyone else have the same problem?

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Hi. I’m similar. Pain is my main issue with occasional diarrhoea and urgency. The pain is daily though and hard to take meds as it comes on so suddenly and violently. Like you I find it exhausting and it completely takes over each day. I feel very low with it all. Sorry - not much help!


It is a help, knowing it's not all in my head and just knowing someone else is going through the same as me, all sorts of stuff is going through my head, I don't know what I can do about it. I have a GP appointment in a few weeks, so I am going to try and push for more investigation. But thank you for your reply x


I hope the GP is helpful. I’ve been to the gastroenterologist and am going back. Last time he said he might put me on a low does anti depressant as that sometimes helps. We’ll see. In the meantime I’ve worn out a hot water bottle which is constantly in use! Good luck! x


I am on a low dose of anti depressants for the past 8yrs and I still get it. Good luck to you took, always here if you need a chat x

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