I wonder what this is... please anyone?

I know so many of you have really terrible pain sometime and so I know this seems not so important, but it scares me...

For the last several days I have woken up from like a 'ring' of gas like pains which goes from the middle of my bowel section making a complete circle around front and back... I know that sounds a bit goofy but don't know how to explain it better. I had a normal bm yesterday (my idea of normal) and am passing a bit of gas once in awhile...I have no idea why this scares me so badly (compared to other stuff I've gone through with IBS) but it just does... I bought some peppermint pills but they ended up giving me really bad diarrhea (took some slippery elm and marashmallow this morning) but that might take awhile to help. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that maybe others of you have had this same thing... Thanks for putting up with this bit strange post...

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  • Hello Betty,My friend, I know exactly what your talking about,and it's nothing to worry about. That's something I feel on a daily basis. Please don't worry Betty. Speak with you soon. Big hugs Norma.

  • Bless you with a big hug. Thank you... just reading that makes me feel better! :)

  • Try getting up and shuffling around for a bit

    Might be trapped wind

  • Sounds very like trapped wind. Yoga is a good way of expelling it, maybe learn the best positions?

  • I'm not trying to alarm you, but it sounds similar to gallbladder pain that I had. The only time I had that 'ring' of pain was when I had gallstones. I used to describe it as having a giant squeezing me all around my middle. However, I think my pain was a bit higher up (It was 25 years ago). It is probably just trapped gas, as others have said.

  • I had my gallbladder removed at least 10 years ago.... It probably is, as others have said: trapped gas... Have it today again...hate it...I guess I just tend to get paranoid with a pain that I'm not used to...:(

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