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Flare up help

Has anyone else ever has a bath close after eating and then had a d episode soon after. Wondering if the hot bath aggravated my gut or if it’s coincidence? I ate a Burger King, same as I normally have and am normally fine then 10-20 mins after I had a bath for about 15 mins then 20 mins later had to dash to the loo. Sorry for the detail, just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this or knows if this could aggravate ibs d

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Hot water elevates your blood pressure and help circulating blood in your body. So it can start things.

I used to have running training at the mornings. I had bad diarrhea after it every time.

But I knew running just accelerated things up and it wasn't the real cause of my problem.

Just a thought. If you have serious IBS-d then I'm not sure if Burger King is the best for you.

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It isn’t bad bad but I do get flare ups but normally more stress related as I had thought I had eliminated most of the things that aggravate it. But maybe I now have to add Burger King to the list which is normally fine. The joys of ibs

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